Top 10 Celebrities with Best Beards

I’m sure you will agree with me there is no one-size-fits-all with beards. It can be medium, short or stubble no one is judging. Most celebrities have had their fair share of success in being listed in the best and worst beard list.

I’m the type of person who loves a well-trimmed, styled beard. You too can achieve the below celeb looks if you want to with the right trimmer,.

Some of us who are obsessed with beards you will find this list of celebrities beard pretty inspiring.

1. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s has had his signature beard style for years. This is one of the reasons why most women have a crush on him. The secret is embracing his key features and playing with the style. His beard style is so sophisticated and yet so ordinary. Grey strands add to the relatively full facial hair.\

Ben Affleck often trims his stubble uniformly this would definitely be great for formal occasions and red carpet. For a casual street style he lets his beards grow naturally.

2. Brad Pitt

This is a man with multiple beard styles. What can I say, the actor has been in the lime light for years. From a goatee to mustache to stubble, name them. To achieve the Brad Pitt style you should definitely not be limited to one style.

And I’m not only talking about the beard am talking bout the overall look. Like the hair and funky style. My personal Brad Pitt style is the slicked back hair with goatee beard.

3. Jason Momoa

Jason has made his beard a signature style over the years. His style can be mimicked by anyone who can maintain a long beard. His beard is heavy on the chins and light on the cheek which solves the patchiness problem we all experience with our beards.

4. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is not the type of person to have a beard on all the time. At some point he lets it grow and always knows how to manage it. To achieve the Thor look you have to maintain and shave the crisp line of your neck. Also trim mustache with a scissor.

5. David Beckam

David Beckam has had different styles over the course of his career and it’s almost hard to keep up with his beard style. The beard gives him a manly stylish look that not every person can pull off. He has had great success in pulling off the full beard, an awesome goatee and a mustache style that is enviable.


6. Hugh Jackman

You would think after playing wolverine he would have the shaggy unkempt beard as a signature look but no this guy knows how to groom his beard. He has the full hair thing going on. Always trimmed evenly and super clean. The best thing to do to achieve his signature style is to invest in a beard trimmer.


7. George Clooney

There is something about his grey hair though. The grey hairs look more like silver which is great right. His full silver stubble will not change any time soon. If you’re not aging then you can dye the beard silver, which will give you the Clooney look’.


8. Bradley Cooper

Official or casual he got it all. His full beard never stops to dazzle me. He has this flawless beard goes on on-screen and off – screen since he is not the type of man to wear glued beards. He can rock a bushy beard or a mustache and stil look manly – the perfect example for men looking to start embracing beards.


9.Jason Statham

Ever since the transporter I’ve been into his beard style (and movies too). He is often very comfortable with the dark stubble style which he often pulls off to well in one of his expensive suits.

10. Idris Elba

Once again a win for the silver hair. Maybe aging isn’t a bad thing after all. All I seem to see is aging men looking so great especially if they have a well-trimmed and groomed beard. Idris has had a lot of success in his career as a movie star and in all the movies his beard has always looked fantastic.