7 Tips for Trainer to Personal Training Female Partner

There are many things that a male trainer should understand when training women. It is a fact that men and women behave and act differently when it comes to training sessions.

With that in mind, male trainers ought to be in a position of handling a variety of issues such as dealing with emotional eating habits.

Due to the many disparities in males and females, below are the top tips that every male trainer should put into practice. It is also very useful for boyfriend who wants to be supportive in training girlfriend and inspire her to work out!

1. Establishing a Training Plan & Attainable Goals

When it comes to male trainers to train women, having a well-structured plan is very important. This will enable the trainers to keep track of the whole process.

Setting achievable goals will also motivate women towards their accomplishment. The goals should only be aimed at her specific needs. For example, if she wants to eat better and lose weight, this plan should be applied, if she wants to get fitter this 12 week fitness plan might be good.

Most men usually pay attention to measurable targets such as the number of fats they burn, the quantity of weight they add or the amount of energy they gain. However, women are different from their male counterparts, and they will focus their attention on the effects of the training sessions on their bodies.

The training should, therefore, be as subjective as possible to meet her feelings. For the trainers, you may suggest her first personal training session program that she can try online first and also include a question and answer forum, get to understand her goals and include them in your plan.

This part of the training enables you to understand woman’s goals and work towards them to her satisfaction. This is one of the most important, and it should be comprehensive and engaging as much as possible.

2. Help With Conquering Emotional Eating Issues

Emotional eating is a problem that many people in general deal with, especially for girls. It is merely defined as resulting to food to relieve negative emotions such as loneliness, boredom, stress, and sadness.

Most girls would possibly know they should be avoiding eating some foods at some given times, but they would opt not to tell you that. Be her guide through the whole process and avoid being too spooky in her eating habits, this will only make you appear judgmental.

When dealing with emotional eating habits, make sure she keeps personal food records. Hold a session with her and look at her food journal to figure out her eating habits and tackle the sick ones.

After identifying the wrong times, the unhealthy foods are taken, be sure to advise her on fun activities that would replace them. These activities would include reading an exciting book or articles, jogging around, riding a bicycle or taking fresh fruit salads. This procedure will go a long way in conquering emotional eating issues for her.

Emotional eating issues can also take many forms and place a major strain on any relationship the affected person engages in with a significant other. Whether suffering from a condition such as bulimia, anorexia, or binge-eating, it is important you develop an understanding of the emotional eating disorder with your partner.

The simple piece of advice often given to the partner of an individual affected by an eating disorder is to support your partner but how is this best achieved? A negative view of food is a symptom of many eating disorders, which can be fought by using positive language about food. The negative attitude of an individual towards food should be countered with remarks regarding the positive aspect of consuming healthy meals. To support your partner, you can discuss the need for healthy, nutritious foods consumed throughout each day to remain healthy and happy.

Other options include seeking the advice of local support groups and eating disorder professionals. As the support system for a person with an eating disorder, the partner needs to learn as much as possible about the eating disorder affecting their relationship. By doing so, the various treatment options available for successfully handling an eating disorder can be explored.

3. Talk Them Through The Fear of Adding Weight

Bulking up is a major scare that many women face. Most women know that many men don’t understand their fear of bulking up. As a personal trainer, ensure you are as informative as possible to tackle this fear.

Begin by acknowledging that weight gain without steroids is a concern to most people. This will calm her nerves and make the training sessions a success. Inform her in detail the main challenges associated with steroid use.

Steroids would significantly lead to the sexual structural change of the user. Continuous usage also makes one acquire vast amounts of lean muscle which is not normal. It would be a tedious process to gain lean muscle but ensure your she understands the benefits of achieving this through standard work out. It is important to note that many training sessions work differently across genders.

Device a training program that would specifically benefit your client and meet the set goals. Identify your successful female clients to help her through the whole bulking process. You can also reach to her already fit friends to support with her fear and enable her to become fit in the long run.

Usually, gaining some pounds would take some months. Nevertheless, some take a few weeks to bulk up. Ensure you understand this to prevent your partner from adding unwanted weight.

Also, understand her physique fully to enable you to modify your training techniques to match her body type. Incorporate body lifting techniques since their constant use often lead to massive muscle gain. Use a variety of bodybuilding methods for better results. In the case where your partner adds weight is surpassing her goals, be sure to the device the appropriate techniques of reducing it.

4. Understand The Significant Psychological Disparities

It is important to reiterate that different training techniques function differently across gender. This is because of the variation of the body structure between male and females. Even among females have different body types and body shapes like straight body type, pear body type, spoon body type, hourglass body type, top hourglass body type, inverted triangle body type, oval body type and diamond body type. So the body goals like those Victoria Secret models that she would want to strike to might turn out differently.

Ladies, for example, can handle intense practice and recover as fast when compared to men. Also, ladies are comfortable doing full body practices as opposed to men who generally their workouts in body bits.

According to studies, females are in a position to do more active sessions by use of their legs in comparison to men.

Some of the above guidelines are generalized to gender. Note that different training methods also vary among females. You are therefore advised to study your partner to establish the mechanisms that would work out best for her.

5. Incorporate Pull Ups & Push Ups In Your Training Sessions

Ensure you use this physical training technique for women. Pull-ups especially, are some of the best training techniques which male trainers would choose to use. They require little time to do an intense workout for body muscles.

It is also an efficient method of adding strength to most ladies’ upper back side. Many women also aim at obtaining slim, athletic and healthy bodies. Frequent pull ups and push ups often make a majority of females to attain this goal. One way of making them perform many pull-ups is by ensuring they pull some large volumes of weight. This enables their body muscles to support their body weight during the pull-up training session.

When training a girl for push ups, including bars and handles for starters. When choosing the right bar, make sure it is of the right height, or you will end up tiring her. Tell her to perform as much as she can handle and don’t set limits for her.

Establish the number of push-ups she can do at her comfort. This will allow you to develop a viable training plan for your partner.

Train your partner by providing her with light weights before scaling high to more heavier ones. It is also essential to note that intense pull up activities would only tire and discourage her. Always give her what her body can handle. Remember to provide her with breaks between the pull-ups, and regular breaks will restore her energy for more activities.

6. Choose The Right Tools

Personal training for women should also ascertain that they select the right training equipment. This can often pose a challenge since many tools are structured to meet the average men’s needs. This would mean that acquiring the right weapons for smaller women especially would be hard.

The right tools will not only give your user an exciting experience but will also lead to positive results. Ensure that the handles of your work out tools fit into your trainee’s hands to enable them last longer in a session and prevent them from exhaustion.

7. Establish Healthy & Nutritional Diets

Diet is an essential feature in training sessions. Choose healthy diets for your client before, during and after the meetings. Make her understand the benefits of feeding her body with nutritional foods in the right quantities. Proper nutrition before, during and after the workouts maximize the training by fueling the body. It also maintains the blood glucose level.

Timing is also essential for optimum results. It is recommended that your partner has her meals within a period of two to three hours before the sessions.

Include healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice, grain pasta, and whole grain cereals to provide the much-needed energy. Also, include healthy proteins in their diets such as beans, fish, meat, and eggs to build on the lean muscles.

However, she should be taken in regulated amounts since proteins take a much more extended period to digest, hence exhausting most of the oxygen and energy required by the muscles. She should also be advised to have fruits and vegetables some minutes before training. Fruits such as bananas and apples are easily digested by the body making them some of the best options.

Hydration is also vital during the training exercises. The constant supply of water and fruit-flavored drinks replaces the fluids lost during the workouts, and besides, they also provide a cooling effect on the bodies.

As a trainer, you are also expected to initiate a healthy workout plan for overweight female. You can achieve this by moderating her exercises, and it is, however, essential to determine whether she is in a position to do the workouts before you commence. Ensure she is also equipped with the necessary tools that would make her comfortable during the training program.

In your application, include simple methods such as walking and jogging before incorporating intense practices such as regulated weightlifting and calculated pull-ups.

In conclusion, every male trainer should maintain maximum professionalism when training women. Negativity such as coldness, inequality, and stiffness should be avoided at all costs. Self-esteem in women is essential, pumping negativity into them will only lower it and deter them from achieving the set goals.