7 Ways CBD Can Enhance Fitness & Bodybuilding

CBD oils can relieve joint pains, improve the digestion system, burn fat, improve sleep-cycle, reduce anxiety and enhance physical performance

Everyone wants a healthier life. Bodybuilding is one of the most effective ways to achieve peak physical fitness.

You have to maintain a strict routine of workout, cardio, balanced diets, and years of dedication to get the perfect shape you desire. To help with this process a lot of people take prescribed supplements.

But some also take harmful steroids and overdose of supplements to gain more muscle. Whatever the case, supplements and steroids both have side effects. That is why a lot of people are in search of natural supplements. CBD has recently gained a lot of popularity and all for good reasons.

In this article, we are going to focus on what CBD is, and how it affects your physical fitness.

What Is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis plants. Its chemical compounds are naturally present in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana.

But this is not something you can get “high” on. Numerous research has been done and even the FDA has given CBD products a quality check.

Reports claim CBD has lower than 0.3% THC which is not harmful to the human body nor does it cause any psychoactive reaction.

CBD is also extracted using safe methods like the CO2 method and alcohol extraction methods.

Currently, CBD products are fully legal in many states and countries including the UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Argentina. You can even get them from online stores like the best CBD gummies  UK at a discount.

CBD products are not going to give you chiseled muscles directly, rather they will give you a healthy boost so your body can work out and improve significantly, these are the reasons why CBD is becoming popular even among athletes.

1. Lowers The Level Of Inflammation

Regular physical activities can increase inflammation in the body but this inflammation can also affect physical performance. It affects the body, the muscle, and overall health.

CBD oil affects the endocannabinoid system which is related to inflammation and suppresses its effects.

CBD or cannabidiol work as anti-inflammatory drugs and proliferate the cells. It also suppresses the production of cytokines. By reducing all these harmful components in the body, CBD oil provides a healthier lifestyle.

2. Reduces Anxiety & Depression

You are not going to have a proper workout if you feel anxious and stressed out all the time. For a lot of people, even hours of yoga does not work.

High levels of anxiety can increase blood pressure and fatigue. This will make your body and muscle prone to breakdowns and you will need more time to recover from your regular workouts.

CBD has calming effects and a study in 2014 also showed positive results of CBD oil having anti-anxiety effects on patients. Plus all the ingredients are natural so no chance of side effects.

3. Improves Your Digestive System

It is no secret that you need to eat a lot of food to get good muscles. But sometimes your body fails to digest all the excessive food. This later causes a bloated achy stomach, vomit, and nausea.

CBD showed a positive result in stimulating appetite, and a number of ongoing research indicates these oils improve the overall digestive system as well.

CBD oil and other products affect different receptors of our bodies such as serotonin receptors, cannabinoid receptors, and both CB-1 & 2 receptors.

These receptors are responsible for regulating digestion, stomach acid, vomit, and nausea. It also makes sure you safely get all the nutrients from the food.

4. CBD Enhances Metabolism

CBD stimulates and enhances the activity of mitochondria in your body which in turn increases the rate of calories your body normally burns

Thanks to the better digestive effects you will also need to consume lesser calories to feel normal or full. Meaning you will have a higher chance to burn calories as well as consume fewer calories too.

CBD also does “Fat browning”. This is a process that turns white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue. This increased amount of brown adipose tissue is more capable of burning fat. With enhanced metabolism, you will also feel less hungry.

5. Reduces Glucose Levels

American Journal of Medicine published one of their studies in 2013 in which they took a closer look at the relationship between cannabis and fasting insulin.

It showed that people who used cannabis regularly had lower levels of fasting insulin compared to the people who did not.

The difference was about 16%. It also showed that cannabis does not permanently reduce it rather it only dissipates for a while.

Insulin affects the blood glucose levels of our body and if the levels are high our body stores fat more than it burns.

So if you want to heat your body like a chimney to burn more fat, use a few drops of CBD oil every day.

6. Improves Sleep-Cycle

It is very obvious that sleep deprivation and insomnia can destroy your body. It slowly creeps in and decreases your appetite, increases fatigue, lethargy, and anxiety.

All bodybuilders and a healthy fit person know the importance of proper sleep. Sleep deprivation is also something you can tackle instantly.

We already talked about how CBD oils can help reduce anxiety and stress, it also helps to prevent sleep deprivation. CBD products have shown positive results in insomniac patients.

7. Reliefs Joint Pain

Intense cardio, workouts, and weight lifting are all part of bodybuilding. Even professional bodybuilders and athletes have joint pains due to extreme workouts.

If your body is prone to injuries and can not recover from joint pain easily then it becomes a problem.

CBD can help in two ways. It affects our immune system which is directly related to rheumatoid arthritis. CBD also affects CB-2 receptors. These receptors are commonly present in joint tissues.

CBD can help open up the CB 2 pathways and reduce the joint pain of arthritis patients.

As for the consumption of CBD oil to reduce pain, it is best to consult with a professional who has experience in handling these types of products.


CBD oils look promising with all their health benefits. Plus natural remedies are far safer than normal medication. All its benefits indicate a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or professional bodybuilder, CBD products can definitely help your performance.