9 Fun Ways To Turn Housework Into a Workout

Every day a housewife has to do several things at the same time. In this whirlwind, the mother often does not have time to take care of her health. What to do?  Let’s try to turn our daily routine into a fitness workout.

1.   Housework to Weight and Control Alcohol Addiction

It is no secret that being a housewife can lead to exhaustion and depression, to resolve these many tend to lean towards alcohol consumption, and as seen in many scenarios to alcohol addiction and weight gain.

Housework can be used as a way to overcome alcohol addiction. The logic behind using chores to overcome addiction is a diversion from stressful thoughts and a move towards a healthy lifestyle. Housework is your first step forward if it is not working out for you. One can also easily get help from any rehab center like Orange County rehab that help people with alcohol addiction.

2.   Cooking and Warming Up

Stir porridge in a saucepan, or watch how an omelet is baked for breakfast, we do a light warm-up. Choose simple and convenient exercises. This can be a warm-up of the cervical zone with circular movements, small steps to the side and in place, exercises for the shoulder section, swinging legs to the sides. We will not spend many calories on this, but it is still better than being in a static position. Let’s start charging!

3.   Vacuum Cleaner and Quads

Each housewife has her attitude to cleaning with a vacuum cleaner: for some, this process is incredibly pleasant, for some it is boring, and for some it is unnerving. To change the situation for the better will help: a player with your favorite dynamic music and a set of simple physical exercises:

  • We try to do lunges with our feet at each movement with a vacuum cleaner: forward and to the sides. It is important to keep your back straight. These movements train your calf muscles, thighs, and quads. Doing household chores like this is like walking a bike for half an hour and burns about 300 kilocalories in one hour.
  • Instead of bending over the body, removing objects from the floor, we use squats. This exercise allows you to work on the muscles of the buttocks and fight cellulite. Effectiveness – 250 calories per hour.

Now, instead of monotonous work, we will get effective classes with cheerful music!

4.   Exercises for Washing

When loading linen into the washing machine, and the dishes into the dishwasher, we use the active squatting technique.

Feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Then we change position and do sumo squats, spreading our legs wider, spreading our feet apart, squatting, spreading our knees, and keeping our back straight. Here we are working on the leg muscles again.

When the laundry has been washed and the dishes have been washed, we take them out using similar exercises.

To hang the laundry, put the dishes in the upper cabinet, we use the stretching exercise: we stand on our toes and lower ourselves on our heels. We repeat the required number of times in a leisurely mode.

5.   Short Break

When we have the opportunity to take a break of 10-15 minutes, we can move on to exercises with a special fitness program on a CD. To begin with, you should choose a gentle mode. For example, try to learn the basic movements of oriental or Latin American dances, do disco aerobics exercises.

It’s great to spend these minutes with your children. For this, we use programs adapted for babies. There are special issues “Jump-jump team”, various children’s aerobics. These helpful video tutorials can be fun for all.

6.   Washing Windows and Glass

While washing windows, glass, and mirrors, we do a set of exercises to train the muscles of the waist and décolleté area. Here we make rotations, bends, and reversals to the right and left, forward and backward.

7.   Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is a huge field for your fitness fantasies. It is more efficient to wash the floor by hand. At the same time, we do the following exercises: inclinations without bending the legs, squat with a straight back, sumo squats. Easy cleaning with a mop can turn into gymnastics. We do squats, bends, and shoulder exercises.

8.   Collecting Toys

Children have one feature – to create chaos in the room with lightning speed, spreading dolls, cars, constructors, and cubes through it at great speed.

Together with our beloved child, we are engaged in the fitness cleaning of toys. We repeat squats of different types, bends, and lunges to the side. So we managed to combine business with pleasure.

9.   Spring-Cleaning

From time to time we have to do a global general cleaning: wash all the windows, remove the curtains for cleaning, fight the dust, wash the chandelier, do a small rearrangement of furniture, wash the floor by hand, clean the stove and plumbing. We manually wash the curtains and hang them in place.


How are you feeling? Tired, no wonder! Scientists have calculated that the total cleaning of the home space can burn approximately 3,655 calories. This can be compared to a 42-kilometer marathon, which burns the same 3,500 calories.

If you go into details, then a few hours of cleaning in the kitchen, washing dishes by hand, cleaning up garbage can burn about 950 calories; the moderate movement of furniture will spend about 400 calories, ordinary movements with a vacuum cleaner – about 200 washing windows, tiles or mirrors 600-bed linen change – about 130 bath cleaning – about 250 calories.

Now the house is crystal clear, we have burned a lot of calories, and we must be hungry. It is worth knowing that after such fitness cleaning it is better to eat no earlier than an hour and a half.

Well, now, perhaps, you can already hoist all the medals on your chest: for freeing the apartment from garbage, for academic performance, patience and striving for victory, for sporting achievements, ruthlessness to the enemy – calories and dust.