Smart Ways to Stay Healthy This Year

Life can sometimes feel like a whirlwind that never slows down. Between your job, family, school or social commitments, it’s easy to prioritize other things over your health. There’s always the idea that after you clear your to-do list or finish the week, you can focus on your health goals.

Even when your schedule feels packed, there are still ways to put yourself first. Check out a few smart ways to stay healthy this year, no matter what’s going on in your life. Anyone can use these tips to feel great and avoid getting sick, even during the upcoming flu season.

1. Drink More Water

Hydration is key to a healthy, happy life. The human body is mostly water, so everyone needs it to function correctly. If you drink water throughout your day, you’ll avoid symptoms of dehydration and flush out invading toxins that could make you sick.

Get a large, refillable water bottle so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the fridge during the day. Carrying water with you ensures you always have access to this crucial part of staying healthy. A bigger bottle will also catch your eye and remind you to drink even when you’re hard at work or focused on a busy task.

2. Improve Your Diet

Along with eating a well-rounded diet that embraces the entire food pyramid, you can include a few particular foods that strengthen your immune system without additives or processed ingredients. Stock up on old favorites like almonds, yogurt, broccoli and green tea to prevent common illnesses like head colds or the flu.

3. Learn Proper Handwashing Techniques

Unless you catch an airborne virus, you’ll likely get sick because germs caught a ride on your hands. People touch dirty surfaces constantly, like the remote control or handles on the subway. Protect yourself and learn to wash your hands by scrubbing and rinsing effectively. Find a gentle soap with a scent you love to make handwashing more enjoyable.

4. Socially Distance After Symptoms

Being proactive is a large part of staying healthy. If you or your family members experience symptoms like a stuffy nose or a fever, socially distance everyone until they recover. You can also do the same if the people around you get sick. You won’t pass your illness onto others or catch a seasonal bug with a few days of social distancing.

5. Take Vitamin Supplements

Sometimes people don’t get the nutrition their body needs because their diet isn’t where it should be. If you can’t adjust your diet due to health concerns or financial constraints, you can always consider taking a vitamin supplement to balance what’s missing in your meals. Vitamins strengthen your bodily functions so you feel better and stay healthy throughout the year.

6. Make Exercise a Priority

Most people dread going to the gym because they’re tired or busy, but exercising is a great way to prevent illnesses and diseases. When you exercise regularly, like walking around your neighborhood or lifting weights, you can prevent cancer and diabetes while building muscle and stamina.

A little bit of movement goes a long way, so ease into a weekly exercise routine you can enjoy. You may prefer to feel the breeze on your face as you workout outdoors or maybe a YouTube yoga session is more your style. Try different methods of exercising to see what you enjoy and which moves empower you.

7. Read Health and Wellness Books

The first step to making a positive change in your life is educating yourself. Although reading tips like these is a great place to start, you can continue your health journey with books. Over the last 10 years, health experts have published an array of revolutionary books regarding things like your diet, microbiome, mentality and home environment. The more you learn, the more power you’ll have over your health and wellbeing.

8. Invest in a Fitness Tracker

It’s challenging to know what you want for yourself when you don’t know where your health stands. A fitness tracker can help with that. With the aid of a smartwatch, you’ll get a better idea of your daily calorie and fat count, how often you exercise and what your sleep routine looks like.

After a few days of monitoring your daily routine, you can analyze what’s more important to you. You might focus on your sleep schedule to get better rest or exercise more to hone your resting heart rate. It all depends on your routine and what inspires you to make your first step towards positive change.

Create New Goals

You can use these tips to stay healthy this year, but it helps if you use them to chase your goals. Think about what you want for your health, like more energy during the day or a healthier diet. Make a list of your new goals so you know what kind of change to focus on. After that, you’ll only have to worry about maintaining your health with the new habits you’ve formed to improve your life.