An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: 6 Benefits of Self-Love

Besides feeling great, an orgasm has more health benefits than you might have suspected. You’ve probably heard of the “post-sex glow,” but with most people stuck inside, achieving that post-coital bliss is harder than ever.

That’s why self-love is making a major comeback. And, don’t worry! It still comes with most of the bonuses of traditional physical intimacy, plus a few you may not have heard of.

1. Clear and Healthy Skin

Depending on how invested you are in skincare, this benefit will matter to some more than others. However, if you frequently experience flare-ups from stress and anxiety or you want to combat wrinkles and fine lines, an orgasm can be your best friend. Reaching that all-important climax prevents dips in collagen. This promotes more youthful-looking skin and staves off aging.

2. Stress Relief

Especially nowadays, when the news is constantly blaring and the world seems like a less-than-friendly place, it’s important to find smart ways to ward off stressors. Who would’ve thought that spending some time exploring your body could be the perfect solution?

Self-love as a relaxation tool is nothing new but you’d be shocked at how much good it can do for your mood and your outlook on life. Even if you only have a couple of minutes of privacy a day, a little time with yourself can raise serotonin levels and leave you feeling cooler, calmer, and more collected.

3. Potentially Decrease Health Risks

Men, in particular, can see some pretty amazing health benefits to some sexual self-care. In fact, some studies are showing that regular (and frequent) self-love has the potential to prevent the onset of certain cancers. According to a study published by European Urology, men between the ages of 40 and 49, who ejaculated often, had a lower risk of prostate cancer. (Researchers followed these men for nearly two decades to gather their findings.)

Prostate cancer is an important issue, especially for men who have passed that important 50-year mark. While this isn’t a substitute for a physician’s advice, you may want to add self-love to your daily regimen. If you find that you’re having trouble, consider looking to the experts for help. Leading Edge Health, for example, sells a variety of all-natural products for men who are interested in improving their sex life and learning how to cum more.

4. Ward Off the Cold and the Flu

If you could take a few quiet (or not so quiet) moments with yourself each day to reduce your risk of being one of the millions who get hit hard during cold and flu season, would you take that opportunity? Chances are, you would. That’s right: Self-love and sexual release can boost immune system properties that are necessary when it comes to combatting seasonal baddies. It won’t hurt if you still stock up on cough and cold medicine, though.

5. Become More Adventurous

This may vary from person-to-person. As you start experimenting more with self-love, you may find that you’re ready to do some extra sexual exploration. With many stay-at-home orders still in place, how do you do so? Consider something like a steamy chat on that can help you tap into some of your hidden fantasies. It’s a great way to dabble with the intimacy that self-love promotes.

6. Boost Your Self-Esteem

It seems natural, right? The more in-touch you are with your sexual wants and needs, the better you’ll feel. While it may seem like a no-brainer, there are even more scientific connections between your overall sexual health and your overall impression of yourself. Some even believe that it’s a circular response; Reaching orgasm helps build self-esteem which in turn leads to easier orgasms which leads to even more positivity.

These are just a few of the examples of how self-love and achieving orgasm can shake up your daily routine. From added health and medical benefits to psychological boosts, scientists are constantly discovering new positive benefits to the orgasm. Don’t believe them? You may want to consider incorporating more self-love into your weekly routine. You could be surprised by the outcome.