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Anita Y. Tsuchiya is an certified personal trainer and writer. A former multi-sport athlete and coach, she also has trained in martial arts and Chinese medicine. Anita believes developing your athletic potential holds the key to a longer, healthier and happier life; it's never too late to become a better athlete.

Glute Workout To Build Up That Booty ...

The quickest way to your best butt ever.


5 Moves, One Total-Body Medicine Ball ...

This 15-minute, strength-training workout is just what the doctor ordered.


This ‘Superhero’ TRX ...

Legs like Wonder Woman, the agility of Spider-Man and arms like a Norse god.


Functional Fitness: Kettlebell ...

A functional kettlebell workout can help get you fit from head to toe.


30-Day Exercise Plan For Six-Pack Abs

Follow this plan to the letter for six-pack abs in just one month.


Just in Time for Summer: Beach Body ...

Get sculpted and shaped with this beach body arms workout and look fabulous in skin-baring halters, tanks and bikinis.


Upper Body Circuit Training for Spartan ...

This upper body circuit workout will prepare you for the climbing, crawling and pulling obstacles in races such as spartan, tough mudder and dirty dash. Incorporate it into your training program to boost upper body strength, mobility, power and endurance.


Just in Time for Summer: The Beach Body ...

Tone up your butt, thighs and calves with this beach body legs workout, and then step out onto the boardwalk with confidence.


Personal Trainer Favorite Exercises For ...


Who doesn’t want that sleek, flat belly look? A flat belly comes from a toned central core, all the way around. Think 360 degrees. In front is the rectus abdominus, source of the coveted six pack.