Become a Christian Yoga Teacher and Celebrate God Every Day

So many faith-based groups have come and go, and sometimes it gain momentum by filling a void in people’s lives and in their beliefs but later on, the interest wanes as it becomes apparent that the group has other interests that is not entirely in accordance with one’s faith. An organization that is motivated to serve and bring people to God is in itself a blessing to others, but with so many unscrupulous groups and characters out there, it is quite daunting to put your faith in them. On the other hand, we know that God speaks through the Bible, and any group that embodies God through His teachings in the Bible is being a Christian. Thus, even if it is difficult to grasp, but there is indeed a thing called Christian Yoga. Although, Christian and Yoga are two different paradigms and can even be seen as opposite sides of the spectrum, it is quite a revelation to learn that they are not so different after all. The Christian Yoga is a faith-based community of yogis who are of the inclination to serve the Lord through the practice of yoga.

What is Christian Yoga?

The guiding principle that Christian Yoga subscribes to is Jesus first and yoga second. This would mean that everything that the group does and teaches others are first and foremost about being a Christian and serving God and emulating the life of Jesus. Also, that they use yoga only as a means of connecting with God in worship and prayer. Yoga as a system of beliefs is of the opinion that the coordination of mind and body strengthens one’s spirit or soul and will be able to achieve peace and serenity. To the Christian Yoga practitioners, yoga enables them to focus on their mind and body and soul, and hence be able to pray and worship God on a deeper form. The Christian Yoga members says that the bible clearly says that the whole of our being is for the worship of God, whatever it is we may be doing, yoga offers them that opportunity to communicate and worship God more effectively. It is important to understand though that Christian Yoga does not want you to change your beliefs of your religion, but rather to improve the way you worship God and to be able to cultivate a special relationship with Him.

Why Be a Christian Yoga Teacher?

The goal of Christian Yoga is to bring as many people as they can to God, so that many will be receive the grace of the Lord, and to be able to teach people how to pray earnestly to God with their whole body and mind. When one practices yoga, one attains a sense of balance, of composure and meditative state as the body, mind and spirit is aligned in unison. In yoga, meditation is a natural occurrence, it is not something to attain but it is a consequence of the practice. When one reaches this meditative state, one is more able to pray and communicate with God, and not everybody can teach this, thus, it is important to train teachers to help them achieve their purpose and goals. If you have been practicing yoga, then you can be certified as a Christian Yoga Teacher or Instructor once you enroll in the many trainings that the group offers. Christian Yoga teachers are a different kind altogether, because they only practice yoga in celebration of the Lord, and not for personal gain. Yoga have been around for a long time, but it is just recently that it has become a Christian-based practice.

How To Become a Certified Christian Yoga Teacher?

The Christian Yoga organization believes in discipleship much in the same way that Jesus taught others to spread the word of God, hence, it has developed beginners and masters’ classes that would train you in the key aspects of Christian Yoga and how it is done. The first level classes can be done online and within the comforts of your own home. You just enroll yourself, and then watch the video lessons and complete the required hours of training and then you can be certified as a Christian Yoga Instructor. If you wish to further your training, you can enroll in the second level, which combines the video tutorial and the in-person training. In this level, you will need to train under a certified teacher in your place or find someone that is close to your place and finish the required training hours. Then there are the masters training class which requires that you have finished at least 200 training hours before you can enroll it. The masters’ class also combines video lessons and in-person training as well as providing for elective lessons on special topics that you are interested in such as trauma healing, drug addiction, family therapy and others. The training sessions come with materials, access to lessons and assessments and manuals that you can continue studying and gain mastery. The training fees are not that steep and there are scholarships offered so as to augment your finances if this is a difficulty for you. You can start taking in students even after completing the first training session and getting your certification. This would mean that with you being able to teach others, you can also begin to earn and at the same time contribute to their ministry.

Want To Know More About Christian Yoga?

Although both Christianity and Yoga have been around for the longest time, having them work together or to be found in a single system of practice is somewhat unbelievable for some and it may take time before you can fully comprehend what it is supposed to be. It is but natural to seek more information about it, hence, if you feel the need to gather more information about it, before you commit to being a teacher or student of Christian Yoga, then do so by all means. The Christian Yoga has a website and you can find all the important information there, you can also contact them if you want a real person to explain to you or answer your questions. You can also reach out to other people who have gone through a class or training with them, or better yet find a service provider in your area and book a class. Experience is always the best teacher, you might be surprise with what you will learn.