Being in Love Helps Your Physical Health

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. When you first meet your partner, it’s an exhilarating feeling. You are excited, and the chemicals in your brain are going crazy. When you first fall in love with your partner, dopamine, which is the minds feel-good chemical comes out and makes you feel amazing. The other thing that happens is serotonin comes out to join its friend dopamine. These brain chemicals are working together to make you feel fantastic. These are two of the ways that can make you feel physically good. But that’s not all. Love is a mysterious phenomenon that improves your ability to take care of yourself and decreases your stress levels. Love supports your mental and physical health and helps you live a longer happier life. Let’s find out how love can support your overall health.

Being in love helps you with stress levels

After you have been through the phase of falling in love and you get to know your partner, other hormones start to come out. Oxytocin emerges, and you begin to become attached to your partner. It’s a bonding hormone, and it’s also present for mothers when they give birth to their babies. You feel great, and you’re attached to your partner, which feels incredible. When you’re in the presence of someone who adores you, it’s calming. We’ve seen that feeling lonely makes people feel worse about yourself.

Taking care of your partner

It’s a comforting feeling to find a life partner. That person is there for you when you’re feeling happy and when you feel down. In many marriage vows, we hear the phrase that people promise to be there for their partners “in sickness and in health.” When your partner is not feeling well, you care about them. You want them to feel better, and you will take care of them or encourage them to get help. When you’re in love, you want your partner to be well. In a healthy relationship, you care deeply about your partner, and not in a co-dependent way. You encourage each other to take care of your health, which is better for not just them but can have far reaching benefits for the entire family. If one member of a relationship is suffering, the partner encourages them to go to the doctor and seek medical attention. Whereas, single people might become depressed or defeated and not seek the help they need.

Longevity – love helps you live longer

We want to get the most out of our time on earth, and part of doing that is searching for someone to share life with because many of us don’t want to be alone. Did you know that being in love can improve your longevity? It’s proven that love helps you live longer. Rather than single people, people in couples find that they’re living longer lives because you have a partner who is supporting you. In couples people may have lower blood pressure, individuals are less depressed, and there’s smaller incidents of substance abuse .It’s essential to find a support system, whether that’s a romantic partner or not. Your health improves when you feel loved, but especially when you’re in a romantic relationship. There are times when relationships are challenging, and it’s not wrong to look for a counselor to help you through those times.

Couples counseling

Couples counseling, whether it’s in your local area or with the expert online couples counselors at ReGain , can help you find ways to better and strengthen the bond that you have with your partner. It’s okay to struggle with those feelings, and it’s okay to strengthen that bond with the help of mental health professional. Love is good for your health all around, and couples counselors can bring out the best in your relationship.