Best CBD Vape Pen: Buyer’s Guide

CBD and medicinal marijuana’s popularity has seen many consumers and companies find new and innovative ways to use and sell the products. Previously, the preferred options were tinctures, gummies, oil drops, and edibles, among others. These methods offered a simpler and discrete way to consume CBD. Then came vape pens, and they changed the market with many users preferring their ease of use, cool aspects, and the fact that combustion no longer posed such serious health risks as smoking.

The challenge for most users, especially beginners, is finding the best CBD vape pen. This guide will help you achieve that and learn all you need to know about vaping and CBD pens.

What are the CBD Vape Pens?

In a nutshell, CBD vape pens are portable devices the size and almost shape of a pen hence their name. They contain inbuilt pre-made vaporizers, which have CBD concentrates or E-liquid. It has a heating element and a reservoir containing the CBD substance. The heating element heats the CBD content, which converts the CBD into vapor. There are two types of vape pens, disposable vape pens, and refillable vape pens.

Disposable vape pens are designed to be used once and offer greater convenience since there is no need for charging, replacing coils, or refilling the reservoir. They are also cheaper though they may cost more in the long run. Should the battery die before the oil does, you will have wasted the oil.

On the other hand, reusable vape pens come with the inconvenience of having to change the coil and fill the reservoir but provide cost-saving benefits in the long run. You can also use a range of CBD products. Ideally, a beginner should start with disposable vape pens, and fate knowing your routine needs and preferred flavors, you can switch to reusable vape pens.

Why Vaping CBD is Considered the Preferred Method?

There are three reasons why vaping is the preferred method for consuming CBD. First, inhalation is the fastest way to get CBD into your body. Inhaling allows the content to go straight and faster to the bloodstream through the lungs. Therefore, users get to feel the effect fast, which is helpful when in pain or stress.

The second reason is the higher bioavailability it provides, which allows you to absorb more CBD from the same quantity than you would have using other methods. Finally, it provides the convenience of easy use and does not have the dangerous side effects associated with smoking.

What Makes a CBD Vape Pen ‘Stand Out’ From Other Vape Pens?

There are many CBD vape pens in the market, and for a new beginner, it can feel like a maze trying to find the best CBD oil vape pen. Here are the main indicators that will determine which vape pen to pick.

  • Ingredients used to impact the quality and safety of the product. Choose CBD vape pens with organic-only products without artificial additives and certainly without any vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.
  • Lab test results allow you to confirm if what the company says is true regarding the composition of their product and its purity. Use vape pens with independently confirmed lab results that are also updated.
  • The source of hemp determines the quality and concentration of the CBD oil. The best CBD vape pen uses non-GMO hemp that has been cultivated using certified organic methods.
  • Customer reviews are also another factor that will indicate the quality of the vape pen. Look at the ratings and check for any complaints against the brand company. It is important to rely on real customers, not paid review sites.
  • Finally, consider the pricing of the product in relation to the amount of CBD provided. Some products hide their sub-par quality with premium prices.

The Best CBD Vape Pens: Our Shortlist

To help you start off your selection of the best CBD vape pen, we have picked three of the best products in the market right now, which meet the criterion described above. They are all from reputable brands and verifiable lab test results.


Fab CBD Vape Pen is a product from Fab CBD, a company that was formed in 2017. It is, therefore, a fairly new product in the market, yet the rave reviews among users have seen it become one of the most in-demand products. In our Fap CBD pen review, the calm delivery and the sweet fruity aroma are some of the biggest draws of the pen.

It is a fully disposable pen, and the product makes use of full-spectrum CBD, allowing you to enjoy a more powerful effect of CBD thanks to the entourage effect of CBD. You should not be worried about any of the side effects associated with THC since it is available in minute traces as the amounts are kept below 0.3 %. The main ingredients are; Industrial hemp oil, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes.

There are no other additives for flavors and taste. The unique taste is obtained by the skillful blending and crafting of the terpenes and other ingredients. The absence of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol additives makes it one of the safest products in the market. As already pointed out, these additives pose health risks when heated.

Each disposable device contains 250 servings of CBD oil or 2mg each serving. In each pen, you get a potent 500mg of hemp extract. This generous serving means you will not need to refill one once you are done; simply get rid of the pen. Users are also guaranteed of the quality they are getting thanks to the third-party lab testing of Fab CBD products by ProVerde Laboratories. The company also provides a 30-day moneyback guarantee, which is quite unique in the market.

Manufacturer directions for use are as follows;

  • Draw the vapor through the opening found at the top of the pen. You should notice a light glowing at the opposite end of the pen to indicate the pen is in use.
  • Since each drawing is 2mgs, take about 2-3 draws a day or as may be necessary for your circumstances.
  • The light will stay on for the five seconds of the draw and blinks five times to indicate the heating element has turned off as it is designed to do.
  • The light will blink ten times on a draw to indicate that the battery is dead.
  • When the light does not illuminate at all, then the battery is completely dead.

Fab’s CBD Vape pen benefits from the quality the company offers and its practices. First, the company uses the CO2 method of extraction, which is considered the best method of getting high-quality CBD oil from the hemp plant. It is also the safest both to consumers and the environment since it does not leave behind any heavy metal traces and solvents, which can be harmful.

Third-party testing and transparency is also a factor that increases the appeal of Fab CBD Vape pen. The tests are done on a quarterly basis, which offers insight to customers on the legitimacy of the company’s claims and its ingredients. The tests also reveal the purity of the oil in the vape pen and show no traces of pesticides or heavy metals.

The company website is quite informative and provides real customer reviews of the product and product advice as well as answering customers’ questions regarding the product and general vaping and CBD oil use. These resources help in achieving a wholesome client experience and adds to already excellent customer service from Fab CBD.

Another excellent feature of their service is their free shipping and refund policy. While the 30-day money-back guarantee is the industry standard with most CBD vape pen companies, the free shipping offer for any order above $89 is a bargain deal.

Fap CBD vape pen also offers excellent value for money. It may not be the least expensive product, but it ranges from the low to moderate bracket. Considering that it has one of the highest servings, that works out to be a way fair deal than most in the market. Customers also get the chance to earn rewards and loyalty points, which offer more opportunities for discounts on subsequent purchases.

It also helps to know that the team behind the creation of the vaping pen has over 25 years combined experienced in various health and fitness fields.

In a nutshell, the main Fap CBD vape pen highlights and attractions are;

  • It is farmed in Colorado, guaranteeing you quality and regulation of the standards by US authorities.
  • It makes use of organic farming, thus posing no health or environmental risks.
  • The hemp plants from which the oil is extracted are non-GMO.
  • It makes use of proper and independently tested servings, ensuring you get value for your money and a potent product.
  • Fap CBD vape pen uses full-spectrum oil, which provided a rich blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effect.
  • There are no pesticides used and other harmful farm practices.
  • It uses the CO2 method of extraction.


PureKana is another vape pen brand offering disposable pens. The company is also fairly new in the market, having been formed in 2017, and it has worked its way to be one of the top companies in the country. The vape pens are shipped internationally and in all 50 states.

The vaping pens are available in four formulas that define their flavors and also the mood they are best for; Blood Orange for composed, Blue Raz for calm, Mint for Comfort, and Watermelon Mint for recharge. A single pen packs over 200mg of CBD extract and about 1.85mg per serving. Ingredients used to make the content of each vape pen are; industrial hemp oil medium-chain triglycerides, natural flavors, and terpenes.

PureKana uses hemp grown organically in Kentucky even though the company is headquartered in Arizona. The conditions in Kentucky, from the soil to the climate, provide a favorable environment to grow hemp organically, and yield superior quality crops. The plants used are non-GMO, and the cultivation process is certified by the USDA Organic to ensure no chemical from pesticides to herbicides are used.

The hemp product used in the vape pen is further enhanced in quality and consistency through the Pilot Research Hemp Farms product overseen by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. From the ingredients above, it is clear that the PureKana CBD vape pen uses a full spectrum CBD, which is a perfect option for those looking to experience the full effect of cannabinoids and terpenes complimenting each other.

The extraction process used is CO2, which leaves no solvents traces in the vape CBD. Testing is done independently by ProVerde laboratories though the link taking you to the page for the results is not working. Another letdown of the product is the slow customer service and delivery process while the product is above the average market price.

The main highlights of the PureKana Vape Pen are

  • It uses Non-GMO plants.
  • Uses organic cultivation practices certified by the USDA organic and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  • Offers four distinct hemp pens providing options for people with different taste and mood preferences.
  • Independent lab testing is provided for every batch.
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Free shipping to all 50 US States


The CBDfx vape pen is another 100 % organic and US-made product from one of the largest CBD companies in the country. The company was established in 2014 and is currently the fifth-largest privately held CBD firm in the world. It uses broad-spectrum CBD and has a fresh mint vape for a refreshing feel and taste. The vape pen comes fully charged, and it is draw activated with no need for buttons, making it ready for use as soon as it is out of the box.

Each vape pen holds 30mg of broad-spectrum CBD, allowing it to offer the full entourage effect. The pens are highly portable and attractive, coming in different colors, which offers you various options to enjoy a uniquely flavored CBD in a discreet manner.

The CBD used in the vape pen is derived from hemp grown in Kentucky under the state’s agricultural department. The whole process is overseen to ensure it meets the purity and quality standards. Manufacturing is done using the CO2 extraction method, which leaves no solvents residue in the product. The company employs transparent practices, including availing the latest results from independent third-party laboratories, usually ProVerde and Biocann Laboratories.

Key highlights for the CBDfx disposable vape pen include;

  • It makes use of CBDfx’s supercritical CO2 extraction methods to source the CBD oil, which does not use solvents for extraction. This method prevents harmful substances like butane and propane from finding their way into the final product.
  • Each purchase is accompanied by independent lab reports which describe the amount of each compound in the product.
  • The brand focuses on ethical and sustainable sourcing and processing, which sees them offer cruelty-free products not tested on animals.
  • The hemp and the vape pen are all fully US-made and meet the required quality standards.
  • The vape pen comes with a 30-day guarantee which protects you should the product you get not meet your satisfaction or the expected quality.

What advantages Do CBD Vape Pen Carry?

CBD vape pens benefits include;

  • They are fast-acting, resulting in a quicker effect.
  • They allow you to consume more CBD from a single dose of CBD, so little CBD is wasted.
  • They allow a safer way for inhalation without the harm of dangerous gases.
  • You reap maximum and faster health benefits, which allows you to manage your conditions better.
  • You can carry them anywhere thanks to their portability and their discreet nature.
  • It is easy to control your CBD dosage.

What Disadvantages Come with CBD vape Pens?

CBD vape pens also have downsides. The main one is the health risks that are still associated with the inhalation method. They may cause or worsen respiratory conditions, especially those with PG or VG content.

Other concerns are on the cost, and there is fear that while CBD itself is not addictive, the ease and appeal of vaping may have users over consume the substance and become attached to the act of vaping.

Proper Dosage Guide for CBD Vape Pens

There is no set dosage for the use of vape pens. The reason for this is because of the varying dosages and concentrations in different products, as well as the varying individual factors like sex, height, weight, and the medical conditions you could be using CBD for. Ideally, you should start with very low dosages and increase the dosage by 5mg as you notice the effect it has on your body.

Once you get to a point where you achieve the desired effect, you can lock the dosage in and stick to it. On average, most people take between 10-30 mg per day, while those having acute conditions consume way more.

Are They Legal to Use in the US?

Yes, it is legal to use CBD made from hemp. It is no longer a federal criminal offense, and most states have also legalized it with no restrictions on its use and sale. In cases where there is some restriction like in Nebraska or North Dakota, you may need to get a doctor’s prescription.

In 2018, the US Senate passed The Hemp Farming Act, which effectively removed the plant and its commodities from a schedule 1 narcotic and made it the hot commodity that it has become.

Final Thoughts on Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD vape pens are one of the best ways to consume CBD. They provide convenience and effectiveness few other options offers. The challenge, however, is finding the best vape product that offers you quality and is safe for your consumption. Focus on the ingredients used, the reputation of the brand, and look at what individual users are saying about the product. Doing a little research will help you find the right product for use.