Big Muscle Tips for Hard gainers

Have you been working hard on your bodybuilding plan, training hard to build muscles? Oh! You have been taken expensive weight gaining supplements and protein shakes, but none of what you’ve done so far seems to work?

I know how you are feeling. I have an insane metabolism, twig-like limbs, a tiny body, and a weak strength.

I used to spend hours in the gym, buying bodybuilding magazines in searching for the superb bodybuilding plan that might work for me. I used to spend more than $500 a month on stuff to do with muscle building and putting on weight, but all I got was constipation and horrible nausea.

I kept on fantasizing about getting vast and rending, but nothing I tried was working. Not until I find a write-up that recommends No2 Booster along with five successful hard-gainer tips.

TIP 1: Eat Wholesome, Healthy Food Every 3 To 4 Hours

Diet is one of the critical factors that will decide your bodybuilding performance. Although your lifestyle and weight training program played a risky path but healthy is more important. So, make sure you get that right.

If you always feed or nourish your muscles, they have no alternative but to expand. If you deprive them of proper nutrition, they will starve their flesh, and they will not be able to grow and increase in size!

Eat large quantities of organics foods such as; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and seeds. They are a good source of high-quality, healthy fats Legumes and sprouting grains Lean meats or seafood.

The tip is to ensure that you run on CLEAN fuel. Avoid food with high-fat, high-sugar, natural sugars, refined, high-preservative foods, and anything that has ingredients that you can barely pronounce or write on.

TIP 2: Save Your Energy

You need all the calories you can get and put them to work for your muscle development. You shouldn’t spend more than an hour at the gym before you go for high load practice.

In short, get into the gym, work hard, and get out quickly!

Most exercises that you’ll see call for 20 or more sets out there. My workouts were only 10 to 12 (or less) sets, but I still lifted heavy weights and pushed myself to the limits.

As far as cardio is concerned, once you’re eating smart, lean, balanced foods, you do not have to think about doing long hours of cardio work to stop gaining fat from the stomach.

Do moderate-intensity Aerobic exercises twice a week to lose excess fat and keep your heart safe. Still, it is not advisable to do too much aerobic during your bulking process as a hard gainer.

TIP 3: Concentrate More on Compound Exercise

This is one of the best things I’ve learned from writing up The Muscle Erection. The trick to muscle development is to involve as much of the entire body as you can in whatever workout you do.

Compound exercises are the ones that activate the major muscle groups entirely. Squats, lunges, rolls, squats, body lifts, and Deadlifts are examples of compound exercises.

When you’re sitting and thinking about it for a moment, that makes a lot of sense. Compound workouts make your body’s muscles stronger as it works your entire body. So, I’m asking you to experiment with this one on your own, and I guarantee that it will give you Huge results.

TIP 4: Get the Technique Right

It is surprising how poor technique so many people have. It’s not only about the quantity reps, but also the quality!

If you cheat form, you’re just harming yourself. Throughout the weight lifting, you must practice the correct technique, not only to avoid injury but also to see the muscle gains.

If you’re unsure what the right type of compound workouts, book a personal trainer session, watch weight training videos, or find a reliable coach who can help you.

Start by lifting light weights first when you have just begun your weight training program. First, learn the right technique and then gain weight slowly as the body becomes stronger. For a start, I suggest that you only work out three days a week. When you get stronger, you can gradually increase your load.

TIP 5: Get Adequate Rest

Never over train and make sure that you have adequate time between workouts. Recall that your muscles will NOT expand during your exercise but during your rest time.

So, make sure you adhere to this tip, or you’ll compromise yourself and end up not getting the full benefits from your hard work!

Stop staying up late-really, try getting into bed before midnight. Studies have shown that, if we sleep before midnight, we get a better standard of rest. So, ditch the regular all-nights and limit late night outs with your friends’ boozing.


To summarize the above five tips, get No2 Booster, take it 30 minutes before a workout, go to the gym, practice hard by doing. Engage in more compound exercises in the right way, get out fast, eat the right food every 2 to 4 hours in generous support, and get plenty of rest. Continue this cycle with concentration, dedication, and commitment over a few months, and you’ll be going from scrawny to brawny in no time at all-guaranteed!