Blood sugar-Keep an eye or regret later

The blood sugar or the Blood glucose is the main source of energy required for human body. Our body gets fuel from food we eat and supply it to organs and muscles’ for working properly.

Blood sugar keeps our body fit and energetic for workout we have to do in everyday life as well as for a good healthy life. The Out of control sugar in blood leads to diabetes.

For avoiding harmful fluctuation in sugar level Keep eyes on diet, workout and routine life. Alternatively, you can buy  Blood Sugar Premier Review to control sugar in the blood and reduce the chances of becoming diabetic in the future.

What is Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar is the concentration of glucose find in blood in simple sugar form, approximately 4 grams of glucose present in the blood of a healthy human i.e. with 70-kilogram or (150lb) weight.

The blood sugar present in blood in the form of carbohydrate that help to nervous system, muscles and other organs.

The exceeding normal range of glucose in the blood is the indication of a health problem or diabetes in future.

Blood Sugar Balance

Thanks to the pancreas, the master unit of producing and controlling of glucose level in blood.

The pancreas is about 6 inches long organ located in the abdomen behind the stomach. The pancreas transforms the food into energy essential for the body’s cells.

A blood sugar balance (in a healthy person) varies. It is good when it is

  • 60-90 mg/dl after fasting.
  • 140-150 mg/dl (not more than) one hour after meal

It goes back to the baseline level 2-3 hours after a meal. The blood glucose concentration is self-regulated. When it is too high, insulin is produced, and the excess of glucose is quickly absorbed and stored for later. When it is too low, glucagon is secreted, and the glucose is released into the blood stream.

Is blood sugar misbalanced harmful for human?

Defiantly, it is.

Higher, means diabetes, lower leads to feel weakness in the body.  Nowadays, blood sugar meter makes common men able to test blood sugar at home easily.

But, for understand you must familiar with normal range, exceed range, risk zone, prediabetes. In simplest words you have knowledge about your blood sugar numbers, as it goes up and down.

Let it explain

US (mg/dl) / Metric (mmol/l)

  • Normal
  1. 70 / 3.9
  2. 75 / 4.2
  3. 80 / 4.4
  4. 85 / 4.7
  • High-Normal
  1. 90 / 5.0
  2. 95 / 5.3
  • PreDiabetes
  1. 100 / 5.6
  2. 105 / 5.8
  3. 110 / 6.1
  4. 115 / 6.4
  5. 120 / 6.7
  6. 125 / 6.9
  • Diabetes
  1. 130 / 7.2
  2. 135 / 7.5
  3. 140 / 7.8

Final words in short

To maintain physical fitness and keep the body healthy we must have to control blood sugar in our body in both cases: Neither low level nor high blood sugar.

Pancreases doing its function, but some it fails because of bad habit or overload.

Fasting, Dieting, exercise are the temporary solutions, not work always or for long-time.