Can you do menstruating gym?

The menstrual period is a monthly cycle through which women undergo a series of hormonal changes that also trigger physical and emotional changes. Many women who do weight training, however, have doubts about the continuity of training during menstruation. In this post, you will understand that you can do menstruating gym and, in addition, you will learn to adapt your workouts to the changes provided by the cycle. Check out!

Can you do menstruating gym?

Of course you can! Despite the fact that each woman has unique periods and menstrual flows, there are usually few cases when they are unable to perform any daily activity. Whether using conventional absorbents, internal or collectors, it is necessary to choose which makes you more comfortable and avoid extreme situations such as squats and dips.


Respect your body’s limits. You can do menstruating gym, but there are days when the indisposition prevents you from doing the full workout. It’s okay to slow down if necessary. In addition, it is recommended to wear dark clothes to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Adapt workouts to your menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is a process in which several hormonal changes take place in the female body. They also cause changes in the way the body works and reacts to stimuli, for example. During this period, there is greater blood supply. Coupled with weight training that also increases cardiorespiratory fitness, this factor causes more oxygen to reach muscle cells, enhancing results.

Even with all the complexity of the menstrual period, it is possible to adapt your training to that period to get the most out of weight training. Check out:

From the 1st to the 6th day

The first days of the cycle make women more unwell. Therefore, training can be performed with less intensity. It is important, however, not to miss the gym. This is because the practice of physical exercises causes the release of endorphins, a hormone that provides a feeling of well-being. Incontinence pads for women can bring more comfort.

From the 7th day to half the cycle

Estrogen levels begin to rise and peak on the 14th day of the cycle. Produced and released by the ovary, this hormone has an action related to ovulation control and the development of female characteristics. Therefore, it prevents female muscles from developing and becoming bulky like those of men. At higher levels, however, you have an ideal time to promote hypertrophy and gain muscle mass. So, take the opportunity to train harder and increase the load with the guidance of your teacher or personal.

In the second half of the cycle

The second half of the menstrual cycle favors the loss of body fat. As the menstrual cycle causes weight gain and fluid retention, it is a great phase for you to intensify cardiorespiratory training such as treadmill and spinning.

These are our tips for increasing the power and results of your workouts throughout the menstrual cycle. You can do menstruating gym, and still feel good and healthy all month. Did you have any questions on this subject?