Carbon 60: What Is It and Why Is It Growing in Popularity?

In the constant search for new health supplements that are safe and effective, Carbon 60 or C60 is one of the winners. This spherical carbon structure is officially named Buckminsterfullerene and has 60 carbon atoms assembled in rings. One of the many uses for this compound is as a food supplement and in the medical profession. C60 is mixed with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil to take as a daily food supplement to reduce inflammation, and allergic reactions and to slow down aging and other health benefits.

Is Carbon60 available Now?

People can order this supplement online at or other sites that carry it. But, shop carefully to get the best form of C60 in good-quality olive. coconut, or avocado oil. More and more people are purchasing C60 for its health benefits which include:

  1. C60 is the most powerful antioxidant available for human use. It acts as a sponge to absorb free radicals that can harm the body. C60 plays an important role in energy production in cells.
  2. C60 helps to reduce inflammation by neutralizing oxidative radicals at the cellular level. It also reduces macular degeneration.

When shopping for Carbon 60, look for a company that sells products that are made in the United States under strict laboratory conditions meeting FDA and GMP standards. Look for C60 made with all organic oils and the maximum concentration of C60. Check out company information showing the results of third-party testing for purity, concentration, and quality.

What is Carbon 60?

Knowing the history of C60 and understanding what it is, maybe helpful in deciding to try it. C 60 is gaining popularity every day as a food supplement, but it also has other uses. Carbon 60 is like a bouncing ball of carbon discovered in 1990 and named buckminsterfullerene, and by 1993 it had opened a new field of science. Its existence had been predicted as early as the 1980s. This hollow molecule resembles a very small geodesic dome and may have been formed as stars in space died. Some scientists believe that C60 molecules may be one of the most common ones in the universe.

The trick was to find ways to use these molecules for good projects. These buckyballs or fullerenes may be used in the scientific field of nanotechnology and other projects that can benefit from the extreme chemical versatility of carbon and how it bonds with other atoms. Buckyballs might find uses such as in the development of hydrogen-powered cars and new, more powerful batteries, making better plastics, improving bullet-proof vests, and in reducing bacterial growth in water systems.

It can also be used to filter super-fine materials out of solutions, to absorb chemicals like tiny sponges, and to carry drugs and molecules through living organisms.

One of the best uses for Carbon 60 turned out to be as a food supplement and for medical uses such as reducing inflammation from allergies, reducing the degeneration occurring with multiple sclerosis, binding to HIV proteins to prevent their spread, carrying radioactive atoms to cancerous tumors, and reducing aging and extending lifespans of mammals including humans.

How is Carbon 60 Made?

Carbon 60 was first manufactured using a laser beam to vaporize the carbon and then pass it through a high-density helium gas stream. Then, the carbon was cooled and ionized to create the clusters of usable carbon 60.

The newer manufacturing process uses an electric arc between carbon electrodes to create soot that is then extracted. This soot that has been created is then treated with certain organic solvents for extraction by special lab equipment. It is a difficult, complicated process. The new carbon 60 molecules can be separated and purified as needed using a process called chromatography. This leaves C60 powders that are as much as 99.9% pure and ready to be used in food supplements or for other uses.

Is Carbon 60 Worth Trying?

With any new product, people hear all the hype and claims and wonder if they should try the product. The medical and science professionals have all reported on the importance of including antioxidants in our diets to protect the body’s cells from free-radicals and oxidative stress. Antioxidants are found in many of the foods we eat every day but are we getting enough of them from our diets? Should we take a food supplement to increase these antioxidants in our bodies and seek the benefits they provide?

C60 is available combined with pleasant-tasting virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. The person taking it can take one or more teaspoons full in the morning along with water. Then, they eat their morning meal and go on with their day knowing they have taken an additional step to improve their overall health. Though the health benefits have not been adequately tested by the FDA yet, numerous customers have had very good results. They tell their friends who then order it and try it.

What Are The Possible Health Benefits of C60?

C60 makers claim many health benefits for their C60 food supplements that include reducing inflammation, improving one’s memory, helping cellular metabolism be more efficient, giving people more energy and endurance, and more benefits. Users also believe that C60 increases their muscle endurance reduces allergies, and contributes to better sleep and longer lives.

The Carbon 60 Organic Products costs

Purchasing This supplement online from a reputable company can be very affordable. The bottles of C60 in organic olive, coconut, or avocado oil will cost from $39.20 to $370.00 per month depending on the oil and the size container. It can be purchased as a one time purchase or as a monthly subscription. It would be worth asking about any trial offers they have available.

Many consumers are deciding this is a good food supplement to continue using, making this product grow in popularity every month. Each person must make the decision to try the product and if it works for them well enough to continue investing the money in it.

Every person who has health issues or wants to have a better immune system or other health improvements must do their research and work with their primary physician to plan for a more healthy diet and lifestyle in addition to choosing a food supplement such as carbon 60 to take.