CBD Delivery System and The Best CBD Pods UK Has

If you’re trying to pick a CBD vaping set, you have to make sure it’s compatible with the best CBD pods UK has. These past few years, we saw electronic cigarettes becoming more popular and accepted among smokers and non-smokers as well. There are many different options to choose from, and vaping cannabinoids is one of the top choices.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, vapers can pick their vaping juice from all sorts of nicotine flavors and strength. Some prefer nicotine-free liquid with an added flavor. And some want to make the most out of their vaping experience with CBD.

Your Options for Vaping CBD

In the recent past, there was a sharp spike in cannabis research as a consequence of worldwide cannabis decriminalization. Countless instances of laboratory research combined with controlled studies repeatedly point towards cannabis as a remedy for many ailments. As a consequence, the number of cannabis administration route options got a few new additions.

When it comes to consuming a substance for its effects, efficiency is always at the top of our lists. Compared to taking a pill, which your stomach has to dissolve first, the substance enters the bloodstream almost immediately with vaping. The rate at which effects begin to take place is not the only factor influenced by the route of administration. It also affects how long the substance will stay in your body, also known as the half-life.

Bioavailability measures the substance proportion entering the bloodstream, depending on the way it’s administered. The combination of bioavailability and half-life affects the overall efficacy and the way people develop tolerance to substances. Ideally, we want the maximum effects each time without getting used to them. In terms of both half-life and bioavailability, we need the route of administration to hit the sweet spots for optimal effects. We need the upper limit of bioavailability and the middle ground of a substance’s half-life.

Research for pharmacokinetics of CBD in humans had a few interesting findings. CBD from oromucosal sprays clears out of the body between 90 minutes and 10 hours. With ongoing oral ingestion, CBD takes two to five days to leave the body. Inhaling or smoking takes the sweet spot with 31 hours. CBD is lipophilic, so food’s fat content is supposed to aid oral absorption. However, oral bioavailability remains at 13-19%, while oromucosal sprays have an even faster elimination rate. With inhalation, CBD bioavailability has a mean value of 31%, and without redosing, it’s no longer detectable within an hour.

When clinical research goes to show that vaping is the optimal way to ingest CBD, all that’s left is to find the best vaping product.

The Best CBD Pods UK Has

There are numerous varieties of vaporizers on the market nowadays. They differ in design and ease of use, and the heterogeneity makes it virtually impossible to make a choice. Considering that a CBD vaporizer is a product people want to carry around, the design is often the deciding factor. However, not many of us are fond of disassembling an e-cig to refill it, so ease of use is just as important.

The CBD delivery system by Dr. Watson has a sleek and minimal design, but the best thing about it is the pods. All you have to do is slide your favorite Dr. Watson Pod! The unique design by Dr. Watson has no caps, screws, buttons, or any delicate parts to compromise your vaping experience. You can choose from five different flavors of pre-filled CBD pods: Wild Mint, Amalfi Lemon, Brazilian Mango, Ice Peach, or Berry Cush. Each Dr. Watson pod has 120mg of 6% CBD.

If you’re after a high-quality CBD product and hassle-free vaping experience, Dr. Watson has everything you could wish!