Effective Flat Tummy Diet Plan 2020

Generally, everyone knows that the flat tummy plan is actually meant for weight loss. More so, it centers more on eating certain foods that are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). This type of food nutrients can be found in nuts, olive oil, and several other plant-based foods. The flat tummy diet plan also stresses consuming many fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

Two Phases of the Flat Tummy Diet Plan

This diet plan has two phases we are going to consider in this context.

Phase one:

This first phase is all about a 4-day anti-bloat plan. It targets mainly at consuming approximately 1,200 calories daily. At this phase, you don’t need to add salt to your food. Also, there are certain food groups you don’t have to consume, such as carbs, gas-producing foods like onions, beans, processed foods, and so on. Also, it is recommended that you take at least two liters of infused water – it could be water mixed with cucumber, mint leaves, garlic, and so on.

Phase two:

This phase is a four-week plan. It targets boosting the intake of calories to about 1,600 daily. While this plan is on, you should add at least a MUFA in your meal. Don’t go beyond four hours without eating anything.

Summary of these two phases

The first four days are specific and restrictive. You are allowed to take only 1200 calories daily, plus monounsaturated fats inclusive in every meal you take. Dieters that are planning to work on the belly area are advised not to consume salt, high carbs foods, gas-producing foods, legumes, etc. because this is the anti-bloat stage. Avoid alcohol intake, drink infused water daily (2 liters), and avoid carbonated drinks.

When this four-day plan is completed, you can eat about 400 calories per meal, four times a day, to equal 1600 calories daily. Be careful not to eat too many calories because each meal you take at this stage must include a MUFA. Technically, there is no need for exercise at this stage though there are some light exercises that can be blended to hasten your results.

Safety of the Flat Belly Diet


One of the biggest advantages of the flat belly plan is that it looks exactly like the Mediterranean diet. This is a healthy diet plan that has been trending for its effective results in making people lose weight and enhancing their health. You are automatically making a healthy choice of food if you avoid including saturated fat in your meals. It alleviates high cholesterol levels and reduces the chances of stroke or heart attack. Cutting off the consumption of saturated fat will reduce the chances of type II diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and several other health conditions.


Rapid weight loss also has its negative effects. One of the primary concerns is that it only centers on eating monounsaturated fats. Also, it claims that you don’t have to exercise. It also advises cutting down the consumption of high fiber foods, and these are quality choices of food for healthy weight loss. In addition, eating about 1600 calories daily, may not satisfy some individuals. However, there is research going on daily to improve this diet plan to ensure its effectiveness.


Aside from the negative side view of the flat tummy diet plan, this plan can make you lose weight as it controls the eating habit and helps to eat healthily. To crown it all, you can successfully achieve a flat tummy if you maintain a long term weight loss plan and get dedicated to healthy eating and exercises.