10 Fun Ways To Stay Active At The Beach This Summer

Sun’s out, guns out! Summer is just around the corner, which means (if you’re lucky) that long, leisurely weekends spent at the beach are in store. But don’t just vegetate on your sun lounger all day. Get up and get moving — your beach bod will thank you for it. Here are 10 great ways to burn calories and stay active at the beach all summer long.

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1. Build A Sandcastle

It’s not just for the kiddies. Let your inner child shine through while burning a few extra calories by building a sand castle! Try erecting your creation far from the shore. Not only will this allow your castle to last longer, but you’ll get in a better workout by digging up sand and carrying water/wet sand from the shore.

2. Grab Your Boogie Board

Similar to surfing, boogie boarding is a super-fun sport that doesn’t require as much skills (or epic waves). It’s a cardio workout that uses your whole body for stability and for power as you paddle into the ocean.

3. Enjoy A Sandy Stroll

Not really feeling sandcastles or boogie boarding? There’s nothing like walking in deep sand to activate your legs, calves and glutes while taking in the beautiful beach scenery. Walking on loose sand is a lot more challenging than walking on regular pavement, as your tendons, ligaments and muscles because your foot sinks into the surface.

4. Go For A Run

If you want to pick things up a notch, try a nice jog or run on the beach. Just as with walking, running or jogging on loose sand will really do a number on your muscles and coordination. However, you’ll want to be careful here; if you overdo your barefoot running you could get shin splints, painful tendons and sore feet.

5. Play Some Volleyball

Sports are always a great way to get active on the beach. You can get a full-body workout (and have a ton of fun doing it) without even realizing it during a competitive game of beach volleyball. Don’t be afraid to get into it — all that squatting, diving and lunging is great for your physical fitness.

6. Throw A Frisbee

Frisbee is an excellent workout for your shoulders and arms, as well as a great way to work on your balance and coordination. Just like beach volleyball, don’t be afraid to run, jump and dive for that frisbee; these are plyometric movements that burn serious fat and build muscle.

7. Rent A Pedalo Or Kayak

You’ll burn as many calories as you would on a rowing machine while kayaking or canoeing, which is great for toning your arms and shoulders. A pedalo may be a bit slower-moving, but you’ll get a great lower-body workout in as well. Here are some of the Global Marine Top 10 Picks of Kayaks for this.

8. Go Snorkelling

Another great way to burn calories and take in all the wonders of nature is by snorkelling. Snorkelling is indeed, a full-body exercise, as you utilize every muscle to propel yourself forward and to dive. It may not be as intense as a full-blown swimming workout, but you’d be surprised at how sore you can get after spending several hours watching the ocean wildlife.

9. Do Some Yoga

Ahhh. The gentle sound of the crashing waves combined with relaxing, meditative yoga poses make for an extremely beneficial beach activity. Not only will you improve your balance and flexibility, but you’ll feel extra rejuvenated after an invigorating, beach-side yoga session by the sea.

10. Go Swimming

Last, but not least — go for a swim, of course. Swimming is the most obvious and one of the most refreshing ways to burn calories at the beach, but don’t just wade in and get your hair wet. Do a few laps for good measure, and for extra burn, swim against the current.

Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a beach bum all summer. Try out some of these sea-worthy physical activities to really work up a sweat and keep that beach bod in great shape all season long.