15-Minute BOSU Ball Cardio Workout

Whether you love or hate cardio, this high-intensity workout will spark an appreciation for super-quick aerobic sessions.

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Fifteen minutes of cardio (which, in this workout, also includes strength training and balance) isn’t a long time, but when you train hard, the benefits can be amazing. American College of Sports Medicine reports that HIIT can improve cardio and respiratory health, as well as muscle tone.

To make things interesting, we’ve rounded up some fun BOSU ball moves to get your heart rate going.

You can choose the order of exercises, but here we’ve ranked them according to difficulty (from least to most). for most people. Set your timer for 30 seconds for each move, working out at about 80 to 95 percent of your maximum heart rate. Complete three rounds for a total of 15 minutes, including quick rests between.

1. Toe Taps

Think of this as marching on the spot, where when you raise one foot, you tap it on the top of the BOSU (flat side down). But unlike marching, you do toe taps quickly, jumping as you alternate the position of your feet. Go as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Exercise Link 

2. Mountain Climbers

Typical mountain climbers are done with the hands and toes on the floor (like the top of a pushup), as you bring one knee up toward the chest at time. When done quickly, it increases your heart rate. You can do this with your hands on the floor and your toes on the BOSU, or you can flip the BOSU (soft side down) and hold it on the sides with your toes on the floor. Either way, keep your face toward the floor and your core tight. Keep going for 30 seconds. Exercise Link

3. Dead Bugs

With the BOSU on the floor (flat side down), lie on the ball so that you’re balanced – the small of your back should sit nicely on the peak of the ball. It make take a few tries to find your center of balance on the BOSU. Lift your arms straight over your chest (much like you would with a chest press), and bring your knees up over your hips, bending them at 90 degrees (like an upside down tabletop). Extend one leg, and reach the arm (opposite side of the extended leg) back and over head (parallel to the floor). Then switch sides. This move requires balance, so you won’t be able to go as fast as you would with the previous two moves, but still try to be quick. Complete as many reps as you can for 30 seconds. Exercise link

4. Burpee Jumps

Stand in front of the BOSU on the floor (flat side down) with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend over and put your hands on the ball, jump your feet back into a pushup. Jump your feet back in front of the BOSU and stand up. Jump on to the ball and jump back. That’s one rep. Continue for the 30 seconds. Exercise Link

5. Jump Squats

With the BOSU facing up (flat side down), stand on the ball with your feet together. Jump landing with your feet on the outsides of the ball, and drop your hips to perform a squat (knees behind your toes). Power yourself back onto the ball with a jump. Repeat for 30 seconds. Exercise link 

6. Up And Overs

Again with the BOSU facing up (flat side down), stand on one side. Jump sideways onto the ball, then hop off to the other side. Get your entire body into the move and gain momentum from the deep squat by moving your arms. Engage your core as you jump through the 30 seconds of work. Exercise Link