The 20-Minute, ‘Bikini Body’ Pilates Workout

Bikini season is just around the corner, and we’ve got just the moves to help you get ready for the beach. If you’re looking for a quick and effective bikini body workout, this Pilates routine will have you feeling long and lean in no time.

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Do each of these moves in a circuit, with as little breaks as possible, for one minute each. Then take a one-minute rest, and repeat the circuit two more times.

1. Front Lift

This power move targets the upper and lower body at the same time. As you raise your arms overhead from a standing position, lift your right leg until it’s parallel to the ground. Hold for two counts. Drop forward to finish in a lunge. Make this move more difficult by adding hand weights. Repeat the move with your left leg.

2. Plank

A total-body move, the plank pays specific attention to your core and arms. Start on all fours. Straighten your arms and legs as if you’re ready to do a push-up. Hold your body still, squeezing your hamstrings and thighs, and keep your hands under your shoulders. Hold for as long as you can.

3. The Hundred

Target your core (like whoa!) with this challenging move. Start lying on your back. Lift your legs and hold them at a 45 degree angle. Breathing in for five counts and out for five counts, quickly pump your arms up and down. Repeat 10 times. (This will amount to 100 pumps.)

4. ‘Swimming’

This is a deceptively difficult move that you’ll feel all over. Lie on your stomach to start. Extend your arms high above you, and stretch your legs long behind you. Lift your upper and lower body off the floor so only your core is anchored on the ground. Kick your feet and flutter your arms as if you’re swimming. (You can also hold the pose in place.)

5. Roll Ups

This move will attack your abdominal muscles. Start lying flat on your back with your arms stretched above your head and your feet straight in front of you. Pull up into a straight-legged sit-up, and continue going forward, bringing your hands to your toes. Once you’ve rolled all the way up to your feet, roll your way back down to the ground.

6. Push-Up Planks

This is a four-part move that will get you ready for that bikini. It’s tricky, but has big results. Start from a standing position. Raise your arms overhead, squeeze your thighs together, and lengthen your core. Bend over and touch your hands to the mat in front of your feet. Walk your hands forward into a plank position. Do a push-up.