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Get the best tips & routine plans for easy-to-do bodyweight workouts to give you a muscular physique with at-home workouts.

Calisthenics – bodyweight training for functional strength

Calisthenics, also known as street workout, is an art form that originated in Eastern Europe but has since made its way all over the world. Calisthenics, in its most rudimentary form, is a bodyweight regiment. However, as time passed and the discipline evolved, it evolved into the flashy high-flying sport it is today. Calisthenics takes many elements from other disciplines such as gymnastics and break dance – but ultimately is its own sport, with many new, never before seen elements giving it fresh life. Athletes use traditionally gymnastics equipment – the high bar and parallel bars to compete in calisthenics ... Read more

Is Cool Sculpting Effective in Reducing Fat – 7 Things to Know About It

Coolsculpting is a cosmetic treatment that removes areas of body fat by freezing the fat cells. Surprised? Yes, this is a real procedure that is FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved and is being used across the globe to help men and women conveniently reduce fat. It offered at certified spa centers like DermaniMedspa and is not considered a medical procedure. So, what is Cool Sculpting, and is it as useful as is being claimed? Well, let’s learn. Let’s start by understanding what is Cool Sculpting, and then we will figure out how effective it is. We will wind ... Read more

Weight management – Importance, effect on health, and when is weight loss bad

Weight management is undoubtedly a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy life. With the increase in the number of lifestyle-related diseases and also increase in the incidence of such cases, one of the ways you can stay fit and fine is by having an optimum BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate, which is directly proportional to your weight. In this article, let us find out three aspects related to weight control, namely, Why is it essential to maintain a healthy weight? How will obesity impact the health of an individual? When is weight loss, not a good idea? When should I ... Read more

Power Yoga: 5 Poses to Lose Weight

Are you finding it difficult to lose weight? Yoga might be the answer to all your problems. Yoga is more than a fitness regimen. It is a way of life that helps in the holistic development of mind, body and soul. It was also found in a study conducted in 2016 that people who practice yoga may be better able to resist unhealthy food. Yoga is an ancient practice that can not only help you with a holistic lifestyle but help you build a qualitative life. It might take time to get into the yogic practices, but once you are ... Read more

Some Major Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Are you confused whether to start mixed martial arts or not? Have you been looking for its possible positive outcomes? Then yes, you’re at a right place. You’re not alone who is going through an investigation about mix martial arts. We are going to explain you about the mixed martial arts (MMA) and its various benefits that will compel you to quickly join this thrilling sport. Increased strength Along with great number of other benefits, MMA improves strength level. It is not just the case that you would feel stronger during the sessions, but you will surely feel strong throughout ... Read more

What’s the best way to maintain a good body fat percentage?

In the eyes of the wider public, the term ‘fat’ is often considered to be a universally bad thing. It’s associated either with an action – such as ‘getting fat’ – or with a physical bodily change – fat gathering around your stomach, thighs or legs. However, the scientific and nutritional approach to fat is very different. Fat is actually something that is necessary, and body fat in particular plays an important role in everything from ensuring that humans are able to keep enough energy for their body to function to ensuring that the vital organs are operating as they ... Read more


It was a long time back when people yearned for a zero figure. Nowadays, everybody has moved on from that and a bit of muscle is the new trend. Everybody craves to have that wonderfully sculpted body now like that of some Greek god. A lot of things need to be undertaken to attain such an impressive body. A lot of changes need to be brought about if one hopes to get that dream body. The various parts of the body need to be individually taken care of. There should be a day dedicated to all parts of the body ... Read more

What you Should Know about SculpSure for Saddlebags Removal

If you have stubborn saddlebags and you have been searching for ways in which they can be removed, you have probably come across some great SculpSure saddlebags before and after pictures and wondered if you can achieve similar results. The truth is that if you get the right practitioner for the job, you can achieve similar, if not better, results. Below are some critical things that you should know about saddlebags and some of the reasons why SculpSure is the best body contouring procedure to get rid of them. Causes of Saddlebags Saddlebags are more common among women than among ... Read more

How to Manage Your Weight

Weight A healthy weight is one major determinant of a long life. To function at their best, both children and adults need to avoid gaining excess weight. Being overweight increases your risk of getting chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and stroke, among others. The key to good health is practicing a healthy lifestyle that combines regular physical activity and sensible eating practices. If you’re concerned about weight loss in Las Vegas, your BMI can help you evaluate your body and chart a course for healthy living practices. Evaluating Your Weight There’s no perfect body size for ... Read more

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