It was a long time back when people yearned for a zero figure. Nowadays, everybody has moved on from that and a bit of muscle is the new trend. Everybody craves to have that wonderfully sculpted body now like that of some Greek god. A lot of things need to be undertaken to attain such an impressive body. A lot of changes need to be brought about if one hopes to get that dream body.

The various parts of the body need to be individually taken care of. There should be a day dedicated to all parts of the body for its proper development. There should be days when you specifically cater to the shoulders and back. There should be a day for the lower abdomen and there should be an altogether different day for the lower body. Getting muscles also require the use of lots of dietary supplements as the general food intake is often not sufficient to build muscles after a rigorous workout. You can use dietary supplements or you can take help of SARMs. There are many places to buy SARMs online but try to buy from trusted brands such as SelectSarms.

Whenever the question of working out the leg comes up, everybody thinks of a lot of weight lifting, the legs indeed require more strenuous exercise. This is because the legs are always in use- when you are walking, running, climbing stairs and so on. The upper body never gets as much attention as the legs do. Thus legs require heavier weights to build muscles. However, you can make use of your body weight to sculpt your legs. Here are several bodyweight exercises that you can implement to get an outstanding leg muscular structure.

  • Squat and Tuck Jumps Combo

This is a very simple exercise routine that makes use of your full body weight in the form of thrusts. To perform this exercise you would first need to do a full and proper squat. Once you have attained the squatting position you would be required to jump out explosively. While you jump out the knees need to be pushing in towards your chest. This exercise routine needs to be fast and quick to garner the best results.

  • Deep Side Lunges

Lunges are an amazing way to work both your legs in a proper manner, at the same time. You should keep in mind that the upper body should be held strong and upright while you perform lunges. You would be required to spread apart your legs wider than the hip-width. Once the desired width is attained you have to lean down towards the left leg. The lean should be such that the back of the leg eventually hits the calf. Once it is done stand up to the starting position as you squeeze your butt and get ready to do the same with the right leg.

  • Pistol Squats

Pistol squats are quite difficult and very effective in helping the muscles of your legs build. It is difficult because it requires a great sense of balance and quite intense core leg strength. The key is to make the complete squat.

To perform a pistol squat you first need to stand on one leg. You would be required to do a squat on the other leg and go all the down till the back of the leg hits the calf. Once done you need to get back to the standing position and continue with the other leg

  • Lunge and Jump

This is a very impressive exercise routine that helps you in developing the leg muscles. You would be required to lunge forward with your left leg bent an angle of ninety degrees and the right leg resting in a bent position behind you. Once you attain the position you would need to make a jump and change legs midair. This means that at the end of the jump your right leg should be in a forward lunge position at ninety degrees and your left leg resting behind you. This lunge and jump routine should be carried out at a fast pace and with as much force as possible to reap the best results.

  • Squat and Jump

This is a very simple exercise routine to get your legs worked up. You would need to squat till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Once you have squatted, you need to make an explosive jump and regain the squat position once the jump is complete. Repeat this exercise at a fast pace and watch your leg muscles develop impressively.

  • Long Jumps

This is very similar to the squat and jump exercise. To do a proper long jump you would first need to do a proper squat. You need to squat to a ninety-degree position such that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then you need to make a jump forward after which you should regain the squat position. This exercise needs to be repeated as fast as possible to give the leg muscles a proper workout.

  • 180° Switch Jumps

This exercising technique is a variant of the squat and jump exercise routine and comes out to be very effective. You would be required to make a full squat with your arms at the side. Once you have squatted you would have to jump. As you jump raise your arms and make a 180-degree rotation and land back into a squatting position. If you want to obtain proper results from this exercise you need to repeat the method quickly without losing any time.

The most important thing to maintain, if you want a muscular, well-sculpted body is not the weights that you pull or the number of exercises that you can perform. You need to be consistent with your efforts and you need to continue with them no matter what. If you fail to be consistent and hardworking, none of the exercises that you perform are going to help you in any way.