8 Lunge Variations To Sculpt A Better Butt

If you are looking for moves that will help lift and shape your booty, look no farther. While the classic lunge is, well, classic, these eight lunge variations will get you the booty-lifting results you want.

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1. Deep Reverse Lunge

A reverse lunge is basically just like it sounds: a backwards lunge where you step backward instead of forward, making sure your lunging knee stays over your ankle. A deep reverse lunge is also just like it sounds: a reverse lunge with an even wider stance, so you lunge deeply every time you step backward. The deeper your stance, the more you’ll feel it.

2. Curtsey Lunge

Remember those curtsys you had to practice during elementary school plays? They are about to come in handy. This is another backward lunge, but this time you’ll step backward diagonally and cross the lunging foot behind your standing leg. It should look like you’re doing a graceful curtsy, even though your lower body is on fire.

3. Lunge Pulses

Sometimes it’s the smallest moves that burn the most. This one starts in a regular lunge position. Instead of coming all the way up, perform tiny movements or pulses up and down. You should only be moving about an inch up and an inch down. Try alternating between four pulses and four regular lunges to really feel the burn.

4. Walking Lunges

Start with your right foot forward and get down into a regular lunge position. When your knee is at 90 degrees and your leg is parallel to the floor, take a walking step forward and bring your left leg down into a lunge position. Keep alternating legs, walking forward in a straight line as you do. This move will tone your butt and thighs at the same time as well as give you a cardio boost.

5. Lunging Oblique Twists

Why not sneak a core move in with your lunges? Start from a regular lunge position. Rotate your core as far as your body will allow, keeping your weight over your lunging leg. Return to center and alternate sides. Use a weight, like a medicine ball, for added resistance.

6. Side Lunge

A side lunge is just that: a big step sideways that ends in a lateral lunge. Make sure you keep your toes and knees forward as you step sideways.

7. Lunge Kick

Trust me when we say that you will feel this one. Lunge forward with one foot and, as you step forward, kick your back foot forward and up as high as it can go. Alternate legs each time. (Remember to lunge with one foot and kick with the other.) This move will work your abs, butt and legs.

8. Yoga Crescent Lunge

Since it’s always nice to end a workout on a gentle note, here’s a yoga move that can help improve stability and balance while still strengthening your lower body. Step one foot forward, lower into a low lunge with your back leg straight, and raise your arms above your head. Hold this pose for up to a minute.