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Build strength from the ground up with lower-body moves.

All About Sprained Ankle Care

A sprained ankle can be understood as an injury that occurs when you twist, roll, or turn your ankle in an awkward manner. This usually has the effect of stretching or tearing the ligaments that help to hold the ankle bone together. Ligaments are necessary when it comes to providing stability in joints and preventing excessive movements. A sprained ankle happens when the ligaments in the ankle are forced to move beyond their normal range of motion. In most cases, sprained ankles also involve trauma to the ligaments found on the outer side of the ankle. Some cases of a ... Read more

Foot and Ankle Physical Therapy

Feet and Legs The feet and legs are essential body parts as they are responsible for transporting the body from one place to the other. If something is wrong with either your feet or leg or both, the highly qualified and competent orthopedic surgeon, Jaymes Granata MD, can effectively help you back on your feet. His orthopedic practice located in Las Vegas, NV handles all types of damage to the feet or legs ranging from injuries, ankle conditions, surgery or other types of chronic pain. Foot and ankle physical therapy The orthopedic surgeons have the ability to cater to a ... Read more


It was a long time back when people yearned for a zero figure. Nowadays, everybody has moved on from that and a bit of muscle is the new trend. Everybody craves to have that wonderfully sculpted body now like that of some Greek god. A lot of things need to be undertaken to attain such an impressive body. A lot of changes need to be brought about if one hopes to get that dream body. The various parts of the body need to be individually taken care of. There should be a day dedicated to all parts of the body ... Read more

What Leg Press Weight Should a Beginner Go For?

Before we delve further into this article, I want to make it very clear that there is no method stated or proven anywhere that is used in deciding the weight for leg press that an individual should go for. There are a lot of things that determines an individual’s leg strength such as exercise regime, overall fitness, and physiology. So, these are the factors that will determine the weight your legs can carry. However, you can make use of a calculator to find out or have an idea of the weight to carry. But the best way is to try ... Read more

Your Shoes Could Cause Serious Health Problems

The average person walks approximately 100,000 miles over the course of their lifetime.  Due to this constant everyday use, our feet endure the most wear and tear on any part of our bodies which is why it is very important to wear the proper shoes. The most common causes for foot pain are due to injury or disease. If you are injury free and disease free, the type of footwear you use is probably causing you pain.  Shoes that fit tight or are tied too tightly can cause pain on the top of the foot. High heels can cause pain ... Read more

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