9 Last-Minute Moves To You Get Fit For Spring

Spring all about sunshine, warmer weather, and maybe even taking a Spring-Break holiday to hit the beach and soak up some rays.

Get your body beach-ready and feel confident in your skin with these fast-working, dynamic moves that will sculpt your entire body.

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1. Spider-Man Plank Crunch

Quite literally feel like a superhero as you take to the gym mat and perform what the workout gurus call, “the Spider-Man plank crunch.” The plank is incredibly effective and versatile, as it allows for you to target all parts of your midsection your rectus abdominus, your obliques, and your lower back. Try to perform this move for 60 seconds, two sets total.

2. Cable Rotation

This exercise works wonders on targeting your obliques, and can really help improve your power for sports like tennis and golf. So not only does this exercise help you further tone your upper body muscles, but it gets you ready and stronger for the sports we’re more apt to play as the weather improves outside and spring hits its stride. Perform 15 reps on each side, for three sets total.

3. Crab Push-Ups

Crab push-ups target multiple muscles within your arms all at once, and can definitely pose as quite the challenge. In fact, we recommend you don’t try more than 10 repetitions until you’ve built up proper endurance. You thought the crab walk was tough, but you have no idea just how deep that upper body will burn until you’ve worked through two to three circuits, 60 seconds each, of these guys.

4. T-Bands

T-band moves are phenomenal for carving your shoulder and back muscles, slimming your waist, and helping you achieve hourglass figure. Complete five exercises, 15 reps each, for a total T-band workout: 1) Full can 2) Empty can 3) Goal posts 4) Hug the World 5) Dumb cans (thumbs in and thumbs out).

5. Warrior I Pose

Not only does this exercise make you look like a Zen Jedi master, but also it’s extremely effective in helping you stretch and tone at the same time. The lunge movement specifically helps you challenge those leg muscles. Hold these poses for 60 seconds each.

6. Side-Leg Raises

Side leg raises are effective in targeting your abductor muscle group, which plays a key role in your thigh’s side-to-side movements. The hip area is quite difficult to tone, and this exercise is your best bit at getting the job done. Increase the difficulty of this exercise by adding in some ankle weights. Perform 20 reps on each leg, three sets each.

7. Medicine Ball Squats

Medicine ball squats serve as a great alternative to the traditional dumbbell-weighted variety. This exercise specifically calls on you to engage your core, thighs and glutes. Try to perform 15 reps for three sets. Choose an appropriate weight, so that the very last squat in each set seems almost impossible.

9. Assisted Chin-Ups

Lastly, don’t forget to target those back muscles! Chin-ups are an extremely tough and rigorous exercise, so we recommend you seek out an assisted weight machine to lighten the load, until you build up your strength. This exercise targets most muscles in your back, as well as a whole lot in your arms: the biceps, the triceps and the lower and middle trapezius. Perform as many as physically possible in a row before failure (whether that’s three or 30, doesn’t matter), and do three sets.