Hula Hooping: Actually A Workout, Apparently

Hula hooping isn’t just for kids anymore. This nostalgic activity is a great way to sneak in a full-body workout and have a ton of fun while doing it.

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Check out these seven hula hoop moves and shake yourself slim.

1. Use Those Hands

If you’ve ever hula hooped before, you know that your hands can’t be down by your sides. But little did you know, that this is also a great way to burn more calories. Simply lifting your hands above your head, lifting them out to the sides, or pushing your arms forward will help to get the heart pumping, test your coordination, and give your arms a workout. 

2. Toe Tapping

Your hands aren’t the only parts of your body that can be moved when you are hula hooping. Burn some calories by doing a slight toe tap during the process – stretch your foot our forward, then to the side, and back, and back in again, all while maintaining your hula hoop. It will definitely be a challenge, but well worth it. 

3. Side Step

Here’s one way to get your entire body involved. While hula hooping, take your right foot and step out to the right. Once you feel your torso is stabilized, move your left foot over to meet the right foot.

4. 360 Spin

This move also involves the entire body, but it’s a bit more difficult than the side step. First, have your hula hoop swinging counterclockwise. Take your right foot and step forward. Swing your body to the left, and allow your right foot to swing around for the complete turn.

5. Walking

Didn’t think you could walk and hula hoop at the same time, did you? This has the same key points as the side step – take small steps forward while maintaining your core. You can even walk backwards, but save that when you’ve got forwards figured out!

6. Hula Passes

You don’t always have to be hula hooping to use the hoop for fitness. Hold the hula hoop in one hand and pass it behind or in front of you to your other hand. This is a great arm workout that blasts calories. For an extra challenge, try walking forwards or backwards while doing this to help work on coordination and burn even more calories.

7. Jump-Throughs

You can also use your hula hoop as a jump rope. Simply sit the hula hoop down in front of your torso, feet in front of it. Using both hands, lift the hula hoop up above you and when it comes down in front, jump over it and repeat.