Here Are 5 Simple Kettlebell Moves To Get You Ripped

Originating from Russia, kettlebells are taking the international fitness industry by storm. Why? They’re inexpensive, compact, and crazy effective – what more could you ask for in an exercise tool?

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Need proof? Below are five of the best kettlebell exercises to tone you all over.

1. Kettlebell Swing

This fundamental move is only great for building strength in the body, but it also boosts your metabolism and burns fat, working your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, core, and glutes. Begin this exercise in a deadlift position, with the kettlebell slightly ahead of your body. Then swing the kettlebell between your legs until you reach chest height.

2. Kettlebell Figure 8

This move targets the areas of the arms, back, and abs. Begin by putting your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Then lower yourself into a quarter-squat, making sure to keep your back straight. Using your left hand, grab the kettlebell and swing it – outside the left leg and back between both legs. Then, pass the kettlebell to the right hand and do the same thing. Continue to repeat this process for a minute or two for full impact.

3. Kettlebell Russian Twist

This workout is a bit easier, but it still requires some elbow grease. The big target areas for this workout are the abs and obliques. Start by sitting down on the ground with your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart, and your knees bent. Hold your kettlebell with both hands at your chest and lean back, making a 45-degree angle with your body. You will then twist your waist, swinging the kettlebell from left to right.

4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat

This is also a less challenging move, but will giv you those glutes you’ve always wanted.This workout starts at its most basic level – standing up straight, while holding the kettlebell with both hands close to your chest, keeping your elbows close to your body. You will then squat, raise back up, and repeat the process for a few more reps.

5. Single-Arm Kettlebell Military Press

This workout is also for the more advanced kettlebell users, but it is very effective in targeting the arms, back, and shoulders. First, take one kettlebell and hold them up by your ears. Then push the kettlebells upward as high as you can go behind your head. Slowly bring them back down by your ears. You will then repeat the process for as many reps as you’d like.