Top 10 Health And Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

From elite athletes to yogis and celebrity trainers, there’s no better way to show off your health-and-fitness assets than on Instagram.

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Need some quick motivation boost before your next workout? Why not browse your favourite #fitspiration accounts to get in the zone? Whether you’re looking for exercise tips, nutritious recipes, or dramatic before-and-after pics, the power of Instagram is undeniable.

Here are my top 10 health and fitness accounts to follow on Instagram. Hopefully they inspire you to stay motivated and achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Kayla Itsines, @kayla_itsines

Meet Kayla Itsines, a super-fit Australian female with washboard abs and an affinity for fitness. With more than 5.5 million followers, she created the wildly popular #BBG Program, along with her fiancé, fellow fitness guru @tobi_pearce. Together, they’ve also launched an app called, “Sweat with Kayla.” Some of her most popular posts include a series of before-and-after photos, which show the results of the #BBGP Program and the women who have followed her guides. Additionally, she also posts tons of selfies that show off her long, lean body (as well as pics of her two adorable huskies!).

2. Anna Victoria, @annavictoria

Anna is the creator of The Fit Body Guides, a combination of workout and meal plan. Her very best photos are of elaborate, healthy meals that you can recreate at home or simply drool over. (Chicken lime tacos, anyone?).  She’s also a fan of inspirational quotes, and before-and-after photos of women who have used her 12-week training guides (her #fbggirls).

3. Kim Jones, @jones_strength

Kim Jones isn’t about flashy apps or guides, but what she does have is an IFBB Pro Card (so you know she’s legit). The super-fit figure model is all about mobility and injury prevention; her page isn’t just about her journey as an athlete, but about educating with examples of exercises as well. If you are looking for ad-free account with an informational angle (and incredible photos of her lean, mean physique), this chick is for you. She might even inspire you to take up bodybuilding!

4. Raymond Querido, @theonlinecoach and Sonia Querido, @mrs.theonlinecoach

Raymond and Sonia are the ultimate fitness couple — just one look at either of their pages will have you out the door and off to the gym! The insanely fit twosome actually own their own gym in California called The Campus Gym. Both of them are avid If It Fits Your Macro (IIFYM) eaters, posting pictures of their epic meals following huge lifts at the gym. This couple lifts heavy, and they have amazing bodies to show for it.  Sonia posts a lot about the balance of being a mom (can you believe Sonia has had two children?), her experiences as a former fitness competitor and how she juggles managing a gym and raising her two children. Raymond, on the other hand, shows off his heavy lifts, while focusing on nutrition, programming, planning and implementing proper form.

5. Men’s Health Mag, @menshealthmag

This is the instagram account of Men’s Health Magazine, the ultimate guide to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, and guy-centric wisdom. They’ve made our list of Instagram accounts to follow because of their extensive workout and video content, which are great for both men and women. The account now has more than 748k followers and growing each day.

6. Protein Pow, @proteinpow

This business page is operated by best-selling cookbook author Anna Sward, who is also the creator of the Protein Pow app, where she posts all of her amazing, high-protein recipes. Anna is the master of protein-powder cooking and is very passionate about fitness and nutrition. From cakes, bars and shakes to creations you never thought you could make with protein powder, she will have you whipping up one of her recipes in no time. If you want to be inspired to make delicious protein treats, this is the account to follow.

7. Fit Men Cook, @fitmencook

Kevin is a Texas native who comes up with amazing meals that are easy to recreate. He covers all the food bases, from desserts and meal prep to post-workout and pre-workout meals (plus, his photos will make you drool). Kevin’s account has over 1 million followers who are constantly interacting with him and love his recipes. He can take someone who hasn’t cooked a day in their life and turn them into a master at home chef with his easy, mouthwatering recipes.

8. Tosca Reno, @toscareno

Best known for creating the Eat-Clean Revolution, Tosca is a fitness model, mother, New York Times best-selling author and public speaker. Oh and did we mention she’s Canadian? Her account inspires anyone at any age to exercise, eat clean and live your best life, no matter your age.

9. Cassey Ho, @blogilates

YouTube sensation Cassey Ho is the creator of POP Pilates and PIIT28. She is also the designer of POPFLEX Active and has been named one of the Top 5 Health and Fitness Influencers in the World based on her millions of followers. She posts unique POP Pilates exercies, stunning pieces from her clothing and accessory line, amazing clean recipes and before-and-after pics of her legions followers who do her workouts online everyday. Totally fit yet entirely accessible, it’s not hard to see how Cassey got so popular.

10. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir, @katrintanja

This woman has be named The Fittest Woman On Earth, having won the Crossfit Games — twice! — in 2015 and 2016. And she’s only 23 years old! Her posts are full of #fitspo, from her crazy ripped body and her training sessions, but its her infectious smile, fun captions and inspiring quotes that keep her followers engaged.

Fitspiration can come from anyone who genuinely wants to help others, inspire daily and loves what they do. Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!