Ultimate Workout Plan For Women Over 30

This workout plan is specifically made for women aged 30 or older in mind. For this plan, we’ve focused on incorporating variety and intensity. Both strength training and cardio are essential to any workout plan, and the intensity levels for this particular regimen can be adjusted, depending on the individual.

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Keep in mind that what is challenging for some at age 30 will be easy for others — but this basic workout is a great start for just about anyone. Use this as the foundation to build on other workouts as you progress.

Aim to complete these three cardio and strength workouts one a week. Additionally, try to get moving for at least 30 minutes per day. For your daily movement, you can walk, dance, do household chores, run, or participate in whatever physical activity you prefer.

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Cardio workouts can consist of dancing, running, power walking, high intensity interval routines (HIIT), rowing, elliptical, jump rope, and much more. Anything that gets your heart rate up counts! Strength workouts can include eights, Pilates, plyometrics, and bodyweight exercises, to name a few examples.

Below are examples of exercises for your 30s, which include a cardio workout and a strength workout. Remember to jog or perform other light movements to warm up your muscles for about five minutes before performing the routines. Consult your doctor before beginning any new workout program.

PART 1: Cardio Routine

This workout will raise your heart rate and burn calories in a short period of time. It’s based on a HIIT-style training, so it’s easily adjustable to different types of exercises, depending on your preference. Mix and match a variety of movements for your intervals to keep the workout interesting. Do 20 seconds of each round with 10 seconds of rest in between each one. Repeat the round sequence 2-3 times. You can increase the amount of rounds or change out the exercises to tailor the workout to your needs.

Round 1: Burpees

  • Jump down into a standard plank position with hands below your shoulders.
  • Jump your feet in toward your hands and explode up to complete one repetition.
  • Keep it up for the entire 20-second burst.
  • To modify this movement, walk your feet in toward your hands as opposed to jumping in.

Round 2: Jumping Jacks

  • You know the drill! Jump both feet out as your bring your arms up above head.
  • Focus on exploding on the jump portion of the exercise to increase the cardio burn.

Round 3: Plank Jacks

  • Start in the standard plank position with your back straight, your head and neck neutral, and your hands under your shoulders.
  • Jump your feet out wider than your hip width and then jump them back into the centre.
  • To modify, bring each foot out to the wide position one at a time and bring them back in one at a time.
  • This works your core while getting your heart pumping.

Round 4: Run

  • Go for an all out sprint for 20 seconds.

Round 5: Jump Squats

  • Start in a squat position with your feet pointed at 45-degree angles at a hip-width stance.
  • Sit back into a squat and explode up for one repetition.
  • Modify this exercise by eliminating the jump.


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PART 2: Strength Routine

Strength workouts are essential as you get older, as muscle and bone mass usually begin to decrease with age. Aim to complete three rounds of 12 repetitions for each exercise. If you choose to do weighted movements, make sure that your muscles feel fatigued by the 12 repetitions. You shouldn’t be able to lift anymore after that last rep, so if it feels too easy, adjust your weight accordingly in order to get the best results.


Use a barbell, dumbbells, or your own bodyweight.

  • Remember to keep your shoulders back and down and your knees tracking outward as you sit back into the position.
  • If you’re using a barbell, make sure that it is centered on your upper back.

Squats incorporate all of the muscles in the body, especially the glutes and legs.


Deadlifts can be completed with a barbell or dumbbells.

  • Keep your head and neck in neutral alignment throughout the movement and hinge at the hips.
  • Lower the bar or dumbbells down your legs and stop when your hamstrings feel taut.
  • Use your glute muscles to help raise back up.
  • Keep the bar or dumbbells close to you throughout the movement.

This move targets your hamstrings and backside.

Overhead Press

The press will wake your shoulders up! Use a barbell or two dumbbells for this exercise.

  • Keep the weights at about chin height and raise them above your head.
  • Push your head slightly forward as you straighten your arms above head in full extension.
  • Slowly lower back down for one repetition.


As with most of the other movements, you can use either dumbbells or a barbell.

  • Start in your hip hinge position with your back, head, and neck in neutral alignment.
  • Pull the bar or dumbbells up to about chest height and squeeze the upper back at the top of the movement.
  • Lower back down for one repetition.

This move works the upper back muscles, which helps facilitates better posture as it “pulls back” rounded shoulders by strengthening those muscles.

Bench Press

This exercise works the chest muscles by pressing the weight in front of the body.

  • Keep your wrists straight and locked in throughout the movement.
  • Lower either the dumbbells or barbell down to your chest until your elbows hit 90-degree angles.
  • Push back up from there for one repetition.

A well-balanced cardio and strength routine will help you maintain a strong and fit body throughout your 30s and beyond. Get started with this routine and build up from there!