For the Best Online Yoga, Flow with Glo

If you’re open and willing, yoga offers a lifetime of learning and growth. Fully embracing the yoga lifestyle often happens naturally once you experience the effects of your practice. Suddenly, these positive aspects start flowing into other areas of your life. This makes it easier to adopt healthy habits such improving your diet, managing stressful situations better, and ultimately recognizing your life purpose and Higher Self.

Glo helps you dive deeper into your practice with the best online yoga for extensive growth. Delve into many beneficial and enlightening courses that are enjoyable, playful, and convenient. They’ll fit your schedule, whether you’re a student or an instructor.

Beyond the Mat

In addition to the best online yoga classes for beginners through advanced levels, you’ll find many “extra” yoga lifestyle classes at Glo. Discover courses on body detoxification and nutrition, extensive meditation options via audio and video, tapping into the vital energies of your chakras, core-strengthening Pilates, yoga’s history and many more. Enjoy an entire series on partner yoga for a mutual exchange of energy, balance, and symmetry while building trust among other benefits. Find out how beneficial yoga is for would-be moms and new moms with Glo’s pre-natal and post-natal classes. Need extra work to master arm balances and inversions? Glo has it covered as well as the best online yoga classes to help you find deeper spiritual meaning in your life.

Get Your Glo On Anytime, Anywhere

Wouldn’t it feel great to do yoga outside in your yard, favorite park or outdoor spot? You can! Just download and video stream the courses via the Apple iOS app in your happy place and you’re good to Glo! Taking advantage of Glo’s best online yoga courses enables you to advance even when you’re time is limited. Busy practitioners can squeeze in an online chapter of your course at home or on the go. When traveling for work or pleasure, there’s no need to disrupt your course work. A Glo membership or course subscription gives you the flexibility to pick up where you left off when it’s convenient for you—no distractions.

Practice-Enhancing Courses for Instructors

Yoga teachers who want to grow their practice will find many of the best online yoga training courses to enhance their own classes, engage their students, and pass on their newfound knowledge. There’s even a course designed for K-12 teachers to aid with their unique needs and even help students with their everyday challenges. Yoga and meditation techniques have shown to improve K-12 students’ comprehension and test scores. If you introduce this worthy, fulfilling endeavor at your school, find the best courses to be successful at Glo.

Course Teachers in High Places

Glo courses are designed by renowned, certified instructors who have achieved a heightened level of practice in their areas of expertise. Whether you’re teaching group classes or providing individual instruction, you’ll learn through observing, demo-ing, cueing, gaining tips for improving your communication techniques and time management. Access many downloadable support materials to enhance your studies while working at your own pace. Have questions, comments, or want to discuss your coursework and experiences? Remember, you’re not working alone; Glo is a nurturing, participatory community. You’re free to interact and engage on discussion forums with your instructor and other course students.

Get Glo in Your Life Today

Glo offers a free 15-day trial to see how their courses fit your life. Whether you’re a total newbie, advanced in your practice, or a teacher, there’s so much more to learn. Glo helps you find the the best online yoga classes to help on your way. Try it out!