Hit the Gym Safely Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

The recent lockdown restrictions have forced many gyms and leisure venues to temporarily close their doors. While many businesses are now re-opening, people are understandably concerned about the risks of contracting the virus when they’re sharing a space with other people. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimize the risk of transmission and workout safely. To help you stay safe, take a look at these top tips for hitting the gym amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

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1. Ensure Your Gym is Prepared

All businesses should be taking steps to keep their patrons as safe as possible. You’ll notice that many gyms are using room dividers to help reduce the risk of people coming into close contact with one another. These work great when it comes to maintaining social distancing and they’re also easy to clean. By ensuring your gym has safety measures in place, you can feel confident that they’re doing everything possible to reduce the risk of transmission.

2. Keep Your Distance

Social distancing is a key factor in limiting the spread of coronavirus. By staying at least 2 meters away from other people, you can substantially reduce the risk of contracting the virus or passing it on to others. While it isn’t always easy to socially distance in busy venues, like gyms and fitness studios, it’s important to make this a priority. Attending larger gyms with more space and working out during non-peak times can be an effective way to ensure you don’t come into close contact with anyone.

3. Sanitize Equipment

Gym etiquette dictates that you wipe down equipment after you’ve used it. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, it’s more important than ever to ensure you clean equipment thoroughly after use. In addition to this, you may want to wipe down machines and weights before you use them too.

Most gyms are providing access to antibacterial and anti-viral wipes, so cleaning the equipment won’t interfere with your workout. In just a few seconds, you can reduce the risk of catching the virus by wiping down the parts of the equipment that are most used, like handlebars and handgrips.

4. Wash Your Gym Gear Immediately

As soon as you return from the gym, throw your gear into the washer straight away. Alternatively, hit the laundromat on your way back and wash and dry your workout clothes before you get home. It’s believed that that virus can survive on fabrics, so putting your clothes straight in the washer will help to reduce the risk of the virus contaminating your home or potentially infecting other people.

Staying Fit Despite the Pandemic

Exercise is beneficial for your emotional well-being, as well as your physical health, which is why it’s so important to stay active. By taking a few preventative measures, you can attend the gym safely and help to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Of course, there are other options available too. With at-home workouts, virtual training and outdoor exercise, you can stay fit and healthy in any way that helps you to feel comfortable and confident.