How CBD Helps Improve Your Athletic Performance

A dedicated athlete wants to win in every athletic competition that they enter. That’s why athletes need to take the best quality supplements. You want supplements that’ll give you an edge over your competitors. 

For some athletes, CBD (Cannabidiol) provides that advantage. Here is how CBD can boost your performance in athletic events.

Positive Effects of CBD on Athletic Performance

CBD reportedly has many positive effects on athletes. For example, CBD:

  • Helps in pain relief after exercise
  • Reduces muscle inflammation after exercise
  • Reduces joint pain after exercise
  • Helps relieve Insomnia to promote recovery after workouts
  • Reduces anxiety caused by stress
  • Induces homeostasis

Moreover, CBD is not addictive. So, you can take it for a long time.

Why Some Athletes Are Cautious About Taking CBD

Some athletes are cautious about using CBD because it’s derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp and marijuana are the two main types of cannabis sativa plants. CBD products derived from the hemp plant contain less than 0.3% THC. THC is a psychoactive compound that makes users feel “high”. CBD products derived from the marijuana plant contain a much higher concentration of THC, beyond the permissible limit. CBD itself is not psychoactive. So, CBD doesn’t induce that “high” feeling. In medical terms, this means CBD doesn’t affect your brain the way THC does. 

Accordingly, CBD is not considered a “prohibited substance” by the World Anti-Doping Agency. THC is banned by other athletics governing bodies. Therefore, athletes must be cautious since the THC in CBD products may show up in their drug test reports. An athlete who tests positive for THC may face sanctions such as being banned from competing in major sporting events.

If the supply of CBD supplements comes from reputable CBD companies such as, you can be sure that the CBD product doesn’t contain THC. Still, it does pay to be extra cautious since many athletes have tested positive for THC by using CBD supplements. 

How Athletes Can Determine if Their CBD Supply Contains THC

First of all, you need to understand that just because your CBD supplier harvests hemp plants, it doesn’t mean there is zero THC in the final product. As long as the manufacturer sources CBD from cannabis sativa plants (hemp or marijuana) there’s a potential for extracting THC along with CBD. This means that your CBD supplement may be mislabeled as “Zero THC.” It also means that your CBD supplier needs to be certain that the product has zero THC and confirm this on the label of the product for the benefit of the public. Learn more by visiting at

Second, the CBD supplier should have a reputation to uphold. If that is so, they’ll get their products regularly tested to assure athletes that the products are from high-quality CBD sources and without THC. If you’re in doubt, you may check the labels of various CBD supplements and the websites of the suppliers to determine if their products underwent testing by reputed third-parties. You should also be able to check the credentials of the third-party laboratory that did the testing. You can check online reviews of the laboratory and the manufacturer.

Third, athletes usually keep a record of their workouts, therapies, and supplements for the benefit of their trainers who need to monitor how each athlete is doing on a daily basis. You and your trainer can check your supplements to see if these are doing what the manufacturer claims they can do. Ideally, your CBD supplement should be sourced from farms that are closely monitored, such as those in the US. Your trainer should be just as cautious as you when it comes to adding a CBD supplement to your list of necessary supplements. If the product seems to be helpful and there are no observable negative effects, it may be safe to assume that the CBD product can enhance your athletic performance. 

Final Takeaway

Athletes can be likened to purebred animals being groomed for their superior qualities. Just as purebred animals are carefully monitored to see if they’ll perform well in a competition, human athletes assessed and re-assessed until it’s time for athletic competition. If you’re an athlete, there is no room for error in your training. This means that you and your training team should be careful when it comes to selecting CBD supplements to augment your athletic training program. Now that you know that CBD has benefits for athletes, you and your trainer should check if CBD supplements are right for you. This is especially true if you’re training for a major event and want to stay ahead of the competition.