How to Document Your Weight-Loss Journey

Finding the motivation to start your weight loss journey is already a feat. Making that kind of commitment to yourself and your goals is definitely something to celebrate. From start to finish, you will want to make sure that you’re documenting your journey.

Why document your journey? Recording your progress allows you to keep on track. Even at times when you feel like you’re not seeing the results you want. You’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. Also, if you share your transformation, you might inspire someone else to do the same. Looking for ways to document it? Here are a few ideas.

It’s selfie time.

If you’ve spent a lot of time avoiding selfies, now is the time to embrace them! You don’t even have to show them to anyone, but they’re a great way to record your progress and keep you motivated. Also, as you begin working out, you might not see a change in scale, but that might just mean you’re losing weight and gaining muscle. Photographing your physical progress will help you see that all of your hard work isn’t fruitless. The numbers will change in time and until then you’ll still be looking great.

In order to record your journey through daily pictures, make sure you’ve got enough space to store all of those and your favorite memories. With a photo manager, like Meet ibi, all you have to do is set up the app on your phone and the device in your home. From there, ibi backs up your digital photos and videos from devices, social media, and the cloud accounts that you select.

This product even lets you share privately among your closest friends and family members. You’ll be able to store so many more photos and videos with a whole terabyte of space! It doesn’t matter if you track your fitness journey for months or years, a smart photo manager will have your back.

Speed up the process.

If you’re having a difficult time in your weight loss journey, you might want to talk to your doctor about having them prescribe phentermine. This drug can make your journey move a little quicker because it suppresses your appetite allowing you to eat less without feeling hungry.

Once you have a prescription, look for a phentermine coupon on USARx’s website. This company offers discounts on prescription medications from pharmacies. Some medication isn’t covered by insurance, or there’s still some kind of co-pay. USARx is a completely legitimate, risk-free way for you to save money. There’s not even registration. All you do it print your coupon, take it to your pharmacist and ask if it will save you money. Why not shrink your waist and save your pocketbook?

Save a memento.

What better way to see how far you’ve come than with some of your old clothes? Once your pants start getting loose, don’t just throw them out. Save at least one pair, so that you can put them on and feel the progress and hard work you’ve put in. Don’t shame yourself about your old size; simply celebrate the commitment you made to your health and the success you’ve found.

Documenting your journey is exciting and can be as unique as you and your body. Pick things that feel personal to you and that you think will best represent your progress. If creating a food journal and tracking your eating habits will be helpful, incorporate that into your daily routine. If you feel like that might open the door to self-shaming, that’s maybe not the right fit for you. Taking pictures, saving you clothes, and saving money will ultimately help you reach your goals.