How Using CBD Oil Can Improve Your Sex Life

It is becoming widely understood that CBD oil, which is a cannabidiol made from the hemp plant, can help improve sleep, treat anxiety and even help the body recover quickly from a workout.

What is less well known is that it can also be used to enhance your sex life. If you have a lackluster libido, often feel less than romantic and allow your stressful life to kill your sex life, then CBD oil could be your answer.

The wonderful thing about CBD is that it is not psychoactive unlike its counterpart THC which is the main chemical in marijuana. You can use it with very few if any side effects and you are not in danger of failing a drug test.

Because of this we can highly recommend it for a number of conditions including a supplement to enhance your sex life. Which oil is best depends on a few things so check out Rave Reviews to get an idea.

Improves desire

When you don’t have much desire, it is hard to get your sex life on track. You have to want it to be in the mood, so it becomes something of a vicious circle.

To get in the mood, one thing that can help is to increase your blood flow. Fresh, highly oxygenated blood can often lead to arousal. And a great way to increase your blood flow is to use CBD oil.

It is a vasodilator which means that it opens up the blood vessels. To become stimulated and ready for intercourse, this opening of the arteries and veins is essential. It may not put you in the mood, exactly, but you will feel ready to go and able to get into the mood easier.

Relaxed muscles

A good way to get relaxed enough for intercourse is to loosen the muscles. Even on an ordinary day, a massage is a good way to get things started. Feeling your partner rubbing down your achy muscles can get the juices flowing.

When you add CBD oil to your massage oil you are enhancing the entire experience. The cannabidiol in the CBD oil will bind to the neurotransmitters in your skin and send signals to the brain to relax.

Your body will feel loose and the serotonin will be released leading to a euphoric feeling that will lead to a much more enhanced experience.

Less inhibitions

If you often get anxious when it is time to get intimate, then you may just need to loosen up your inhibitions. I don’t mean it in a way to get you to do something you don’t want, but merely to allow yourself to indulge.

When you take CBD, it can put you in a better mood, reduce anxiety and as a result, put you in a better position to get into the mood for sex.

You may worry about work or money and that is putting a damper on your sex life. Instead, you can relax your mind and let your desires take over so you can actually enjoy the intimacy.