Is Electric Tooth-Brush with Timer Essential For Dental Health?

Brushing teeth regularly is a base for the protection of your mouth from germs and harmful bacteria. Without doing this, a thin yellow film of bacteria may stuck on your teeth called plaque. This pale yellow bacterial film usually appears on and between your teeth when fluid, food and some other eatables combine with your saliva. Therefore brushing teeth is recommended by dentists. 

Quick Review of Electric Brushes:

As compared to the manual tooth brushes, powered and Electric toothbrush with timer are much efficient and more easy to use. One of the key reason of increase in oral diseases from last few decades is that the individuals (people) could not handle manual brushes properly. While brushing, either they apply too much stress which results in bleeding from mouth, leading to some major mouth diseases or they apply a very little (negligible) stress and could not brush teeth properly which allows the plaque to appear between teeth. Keeping these factors in mind, the first electric brush was introduced in 1959 in USA. At present, technical advancement has made electrical brushes mode attractive among common people and dentists. They are more portable, easy to use and economically good. 

Types of Electrical Brushes:

Many types of brushes have been introduced in the market according to the requirement and demand of consumers. The head of brush moves either side to side or it vibrates at a certain speed. Some of the brushes have circular head and they rotate either counter clockwise or clockwise at a full angle of 360 degree. These brushes have different capabilities of bristle rotation ranging from 3800 to 4000 rotations per minute reflecting that they have much better and improved capability of plaque removal as compared to manual brushes.

One of the major type of electric toothbrush is with built-in timer in it. A built-in time electric toothbrush helps you to remove the plaque appropriately from your teeth and improves your focus on brushing within particular time span. Most of these brushes come have been introduced in the market with their own apps which makes you aware from the health position of your teeth. The timing of your brushing is automatically maintained by the app on daily basis. 

Major Uses of Electrical Toothbrushes: 

Following are the major consumers of electric toothbrushes 

  • The individuals having some allergically with swallow gums and find difficulty in using manual brushes.
  • Children and adults with some physical and mental disabilities.
  • For the people who are careless regarding their oral health.
  • It is more attractive for children because they are not usually interested in brushing. Electric brush may help them in developing good habit of brushing.

Pros of Electrical Toothbrushes:

Following are some of the features and benefits of electrical toothbrush. 

  • Hundred percent more efficiency can be achieved in terms of plaque removal than any manual brush.
  • It reduces the tooth fall and maintains the gums healthy. 
  • Bad and rotten smell can be eliminated by it easily. 
  • Timer increases the focus of the user.
  • Single brush can be used for long time. All you have to do is to change its head. 
  • Relatively low cost as it can be used for life time. 
  • Very comfortable for the person who has filling and braces in the teeth.