PAX 3 Review

Since hitting the market in 2016, the PAX 3 has remained the dominant player in the vaping industry. It’s an innovative portable vaporizer and the third iteration in the PAX vaporizer product line. Holding true to the expression third time’s a charm, the PAX 3 remains the go to vaporizer for many vaping enthusiasts across the world. When you look at the design and the functionalities of the PAX 3 it’s easy to understand the big fuss surrounding the product. Here are some of the selling points of the PAX 3.

Ease of Use

The PAX 3 has a simple design that feels great in your hand. It’s the perfect size for a portable vaporizer and has an impressive oven capacity of 0.35 grams. The compact design makes it travel-friendly and discreet.  The body is made from aluminium while the oven is designed from stainless steel and can handle temperature settings of 180-215 C.  The initial heat up time of the PAX 3 is approximately 20seconds. For the rest of your sessions, the vaporizer heats up almost immediately. The device powers up at the press of a button located next to the mouth piece. If you press and hold the button you can navigate through the four preset temperatures. When it’s time to vape, the device vibrates. Moreover, you can shake the PAX 3 to check battery life and the oven temperature. The four preset heat settings on the PAX 3 are 360,380,400 and 420. However more customizable temperature controls are available when the device is paired to a smartphone. Yes! The PAX 3 can be paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth for more control options. You can choose from the different modes to optimize your experience. The boost mode keeps the PAX 3 warm for your entire vaping session. The mode is great for vaping concentrates. The efficiency mode saves battery life and the product you are vaping. In the efficiency mode the device only heats up when you start inhaling. Other modes include the flavour mode and stealth mode.

The Accessories

The PAX 3 has two optional kits. The basic kit comes with a cleaning tool, USB charger and two mouthpieces. The price on the basic kit is around $260. The complete kit on the other hand costs $320. The kit comes with everything in the basic kit plus additional screens, a packing tool, a carrying case, a half pack cover and the attachment for extracts.

Battery Life

A strong 3500MAH battery powers the PAX 3. The battery lasts around one and a half on continuous usage, twice as long as the battery on the PAX 2. The secret to the long battery life on the PAX 3 is the efficiency of the device. The heating element powers down automatically between each rip. A sensor on the mouth piece detects the user’s lips and heats up when it’s necessary. The unique feature cuts down on wasted herb and gets the most out of the battery.

Although pricier than its predecessors and competitors, the PAX 3 is an efficient durable device with a great value for money. If you are looking for a great product in the market, you should probably own a PAX 3.