People who Should See a Cardiologist More Often

Many people wrongly think that medicine is the fix for injuries and other health problems. However, this watch and wait attitude is absolutely misadvised when it comes to cardiovascular health. Historically, patients and doctors monitored risk factors and only acted when conditions were terrible. However, it is wise for people to start getting proactive in order to maintain optimum cardiovascular health. In other words, patients need to start visiting a reliable cardiologist in Frisco, TX, to stay on top of any potential cardiovascular issue. It is particularly important for the following categories of people to see a cardiologist for preventive purposes.

People with a Family History of Heart Disease

The link between heart disease and genetics is undeniable. Indeed, if you have close relatives who have suffered from heart disease, you are at significant risk of suffering from this cardiovascular issue. Therefore, it is imperative for you to stay in touch with a cardiologist for you to get regular checks and advice on how you can prevent yourself from getting heart diseases.

People with Personal Early-age History of Heart Disease

Having a stroke or a heart attack before the age of sixty is quite unusual. Yet we see some people suffering from these problems even in their 30s. In addition to receiving treatment, these people have to stay in touch with their cardiologists for close monitoring to prevent attacks that could damage their hearts even further. Therefore, if you survived heart disease before 60, another attack could be fatal, and, therefore, it is wise for you to stay in touch with your cardiologist.

People with Cholesterol Disorders

People with cholesterol disorders usually have dangerously high levels of cholesterol that cannot be controlled through diet and other lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, this means that they are at high risk of suffering from a cardiovascular problem such as high blood pressure or even heart disease. Therefore, they should see a cardiologist more often.

People with Several Uncontrolled Risk Factors

These people usually have a number of risk factors for heart disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, and unhealthy diets. Each of the risk factors is independent, but when they come together, they can make controlling or preventing heart disease more complex. Therefore, for people with multiple risk factors for heart disease, one physical exam annually is not enough. They have to stay in touch with a cardiologist in addition to other medical professionals who could be helping them with the other medical and lifestyle issues.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that the best way to deal with cardiovascular issues is to prevent them. Therefore, people have to be assessed for possible risk factors and stay in touch with their cardiologists, particularly if they have risk factors. If you are looking for a cardiologist in Frisco, TX to assist with tips on how you can prevent yourself from heart disease, Rishin Shah of Prime Heart and Vascular is your best bet. Feel free to contact or visit them today.