Weight gain is related to the amount of calories that one consumes. To elaborate, weight is gained by an individual when he/she consumes more calories than their body simply needs. Weight is also gained when one has a very low amount of activity level but consumes a very high percentage of calories. When those calories are not broken down, the body starts building fat.

Majority of the people tend to gain weight due to their poor eating habits however, there one might encounter cases where they might gain weight due to unknown reasons.


It is actually a very serious condition. One might see an increase in their weight despite eating a controlled and healthy diet. There might be many medical reasons for it which you might not be able to conclude on your own and might want to go see the doctor to get the surety. Below we have shortlisted some of the reasons of why an individual might be gaining weight despite eating controlled and having a healthy diet routine.

1- Stress and mental health.

You might be highly tensed and under stress. Studies have actually proved that depression and anxiety might not always end up with weight loss. Some people reply to stress with not being able to eat and feeling nausea and some might simply respond to it by eating. Therefore, one might end up eating more and extra weight might be gained by them. The best solution is to exercise and have a physical activity to feel lighter and to take your mind off things. This will also help you avoid the gain of extra weight.

2- PCOS-Poly cystic ovaries.

The condition is getting very common among women now a days mainly due to their poor diets. The main symptoms include irregular periods. Women tend to miss period months very oftenly. There might also be difficulties faced by women with getting pregnant. Another reason might be weight. One might already be weighing more ending up with the development of PCOs. The condition further worsens and even when one stops eating unhealthy, they might not be able to stop the excessive weight gain simply because of this condition. It is important to get a medical checkup in such a situation.

3- Skipping meals.

Do you think you are doing good to yourself by skipping meals? Do you think it is an easy solution and you might actually end up losing weight by skipping meals? If yes, then you are wrong. You might end up eating more and if not that, the body starts working in reverse to complete its caloric intake. Skipping meals is not the best way as you can not trick your body.

4- Not sleeping enough.

This might be a reason unknown to many. We all know that majority people do not get the adequate amount of sleep. You might not feel sleepy simply because your body might have gotten used to your lesser sleeping schedule. However, your body might not be adjusting with it causing weight gain. 7-8 hours of sleep is advised by experts. People who do not sleep enough are said to get more cravings especially the carbohydrate ones ending up with more consumption of calories.

5- Certain medications.

Yes, you might be taking some medicines which end up with weight gain. The best solution is as soon as you notice such symptoms and know you are on medications, ask the doctor what to do and which medicine is causing the issue. Also report the problem and the doctor might then advise the solution. Usually the diabetes medicines tend to cause the problem. Moreover, the steroidal medicines might also be a problem.


The starting point of every weight loss and reduction journey is to sketch out a plan which might provide you a rough idea of the amount of calories that you should eat to lose weight. This idea and estimation can be made with the help of this easy and simple to use calculator the interface of which, we have provided below.

The calculator asks for you about your gender, your age, the amount of days you have to lose weight, your activity level (moderate, high and etc), your height, weight along with the amount of weight that you wish you want to lose.

Through the information of this, the calculator then calculates the amount of calories you should consume per day and the amount of weight you can lose each week by the consumption of these calories to hit your target. The calculator just helps you plan your diet schedule. The calculator is very simple and easy to use.

How Can You Lose Weight with the Help of Macro Calculator & Why Should You Use It?

The word, ‘’macronutrient’’ refers to the ‘’big or large weighted’’ nutrients. However, the word macronutrient gets the name for the quantity in which it is consumed. Macronutrients are required largely in the diet. Macronutrients are responsible for providing the body with the required energy.

Macronutrients are classified into 3 types.


Mostly foods contain a mixture of these 3 but the proportions might not be fixed. And the calorie per gram of these macronutrients varies too.
Carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, fats contain 9 and proteins again contain 4 calorie per each gram.
All the three macronutrients have their own distinct function in the body. From building muscles to controlling the substances entering or leaving your cells, macronutrients are required for everything.


The macronutrient ratio and the information about it, holds a lot of value for your body and especially when it comes to weight loss. The trend of counting macronutrients in the weight world is recent and highly used.
As people worked upon the perfect ways to maintain weight along with losing it and the factors which matter, they became clear that calories aren’t the only thing that can help an individual lose weight rather macronutrient plays a huge part in it too.
The amount of carbs, proteins and fats that an individual requires varies from person to person. It is dependent upon a number of factors such as the age of the person and the weight target. Due to this reason, an estimation about the ratio cannot be made and therefore, a calculator (mentioned below) is required.


We will discuss the macronutrient calculator which can be used at

-Why is it required?

There are many methods of calculating the macronutrient ratio however, the formulas that have been provided are quite complex and time-consuming. The answer might be variable and not reliable. Therefore, the use of a calculator to help you save time along with the insurance of maximum accuracy and preciseness is needed due to which, this calculator is required.


For this, refer to the basic outlook of the calculator which has been provided below.
On the left side of the page, there are 4 required information.

-Your gender.
Gender plays its part with deciding the macronutrient ratio.
-Your age.
-Your goal.

As the ratio is decided keeping in view your goal, hence it is a required information. Your goal can be to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.
-Body fat %.

If you are someone who doesn’t know his/her body fat in %, then you can simply leave this box as it is optional.

Step 2.

The second step requires some further information such as, the height and weight.
You can interconvert the units as well.\

Step 3:

The last and the final step requires the information about the amount of meals you consume per day, your activity level and along with your protein amount per day.

-The calculator is absolutely free and works with accuracy in seconds