Some Tips to Last Longer in Bed

In a study conducted on 491 men over a 4-week period, it was found that the average time for ejaculation among heterosexual couples between the age of 18 and 30 years, was 6.5 minutes. The duration decreased with increase in age. For those between 31 and 50 years of age, the average time for ejaculation was 5.4 minutes.

Short ejaculation times can lead to unsatisfactory relationships. On average, women achieve orgasms in about 15 minutes; much longer than men. So, how can men delay their ejaculation time? Here are some tips:

Male Enhancement Supplements

Male enhancement supplements can be a quick and easy way to improve sexual performance. Testrex is one such supplement that acts as a testosterone booster, according to experts at Top Male Enhancement. Apart from that, it can increase bone and muscle mass, improve blood circulation in the penis, and enhance sex drive.

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Use the Start-Stop Technique

In the start-stop technique, whenever you feel like you are about to ejaculate; stop the sexual activity. You can also think of something that might make you feel less aroused. Then take a deep breath, and start again slowly. You can repeat this number of times.  Over time you would be able to train your body and mind to delay ejaculation even during intense sexual activity.

Stay Active

Sex is an extremely physical activity. In fact, the mean energy spent during a sexual activity is 101k Cal for men, according to a study published in PLOS ONE. And if you are not fit enough, then you might not be able to perform. For this, aerobic exercises such as running and cycling can be highly beneficial. Exercises can also help you maintain erections for longer. In a study done on over 31,000 men, it was found that aerobic exercises can reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction by 30%. High intensity exercise such as weight-lifting are also found helpful in boosting testosterone levels. Try to avoid cycling, as some studies suggest it can have side effects when it comes to testosterone levels.

Manage Stress

Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to maintain erections for long periods. Such negative emotions can negatively impact libido. Some of the ways to manage stress and anxiety are:

  • Being less focused on sexual performance and more on sensations.
  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each day.
  • Exercising
  • Spending time on your hobbies
  • Meditation
  • Getting therapy

Taking Care of Your Diet

Some of the foods that can improve your sexual performance are:

  • Omaega-3 fatty acids: These increase the blood circulation to the penis. Tuna, avocado, and olive oil are great sources of Omega-3.
  • Vitamin B1: It helps regulate nerve signals in your body. You can get vitamin B1 from pork and peanuts.

Review you diet to include these vital ingredients.

Apart from these, quitting smoking can also help you last longer in bed. Smoking can cause heart problems and high blood pressure, which can lead to problems like Erectile Dysfunction.