The benefits of European baby formula

Any parent wants the best for their newborn babies. But it can be pretty hard to make the right choice when it comes to the most suitable types of foods for your little one. This choice might seem not that important, but it can affect your little one’s entire life. No wonder, many parents opt to use organic baby formulas because they don’t have harmful additives and pesticides.

European baby formulas are produced under strict regulations on what to include as ingredients. In this way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe and is not exposed to harmful substances. This page discusses the benefits of the European baby formula.

Organically sourced

Of the many challenges you can experience as a parent of a newborn baby, finding the right formula can be one of them. But European baby formula is best for your baby because they usually produce organic goat milk formula. The rules in Europe are quite strict because they regulate what manufacturers can put in a baby’s bottle.

For example, you can choose a European baby formula from companies such as Holle, which is a German-based company that produces a cow-based formula. The good part is that the cows are reared on farms that follow the biodynamic agriculture principles. In other words, these cows don’t graze on pastures that have harmful chemicals.


Because of the same strict organic regulations, you can find many European baby formulas that are free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Here is the deal, the European agricultural policies demand that any organic baby formula should not have GMOs as part of the ingredients. This is the reason why Holle is perhaps one of the best options when it comes to European baby formulas.

As explained earlier, Holle is German-based, so the company follows strict standards of the European Union, meaning the German baby formula has to be without GMOs. For this reason, it’s much safer for you to choose the European baby formula for the wellbeing of your little one.

The amount of sugar

Fortunately, many countries and companies understand the dangers of eating a lot of sugar. So many baby formulas including the European baby formula have less sugar. This means that European baby formulas don’t have sucrose or sugar.

However, some baby formulas continue to have sugar in their formulas. This exposes the babies eating such baby formulas to the risks of obesity. Even worse, sucrose is believed can harm your baby’s tooth enamel and can contribute to cravings for sweet food in your baby.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the European Union found it right to ban additives, such as sucrose in baby formulas. After all, the European Union’s Scientific committee discovered that there is no nutritional benefit in putting sucrose in baby formulas.

Another sweetener that some baby formulas have is brown rice syrup. This sweetener has arsenic and several other health concerns. With no proven benefits, there is no need for your baby to be eating lots of sugar. Thankfully, the stringent regulations in Europe don’t allow baby formulas to have additives like sugar.

Goat milk-based formula

One of the other benefits of the European baby formula is that it resembles a mom’s breast milk. Remember that goat’s milk has a lot of similarities to breast milk. This means goat’s milk makes a better base for an infant formula than cow’s milk.

Many babies are not allergic to goat’s milk because it has short and medium-term-chained fatty acids, making it easier to absorb and digest. European baby formula by Holle produces goat’s milk-based formula. Holle has three different types of baby formulas derived from goat’s milk.

Above all, goat’s milk has a recommended good amount of calcium for daily intake. Also, your baby can easily absorb minerals and nutrients in goat’s milk compared to cow’s milk.

Environmental concerns

While you cannot be environmentally conscious or consider animal welfare when it comes to baby formulas, considering these factors can be a bonus. As you may be aware, you can find various options for non-GMO or organic European baby formulas. You see, when you avoid GMOs, it means you are already environmentally conscious.

Renowned brands like Holle get their milk from farms that don’t use painful practices including dehorning their cows. Many European farms take the same stand by practicing strict regulated organic farming.

As you can see, you have several choices on your hand to make on behalf of your baby. So choosing the right baby formula should be one of them. Any responsible parent desires the best for their baby, though it can sometimes be quite hard to figure out the best option.

However, when it comes to baby formula, various studies have concluded that European baby formulas are superior and can improve your baby’s health. With strict regulations, environmentally conscious, and minimum additives, it can be hard to ignore. It’s not surprising that many parents are going for European baby formulas instead of other brands.