The Best CBG Oil – Better than CBD?

In the past decade, the health benefits of applying and consuming CBD oil have come to light in a big way. Many prefer using CBD as an alternative treatment method for several ailments and illnesses. As its popularity and use have grown further research has brought to light other minor cannabinoids that could be just as beneficial if not more than CBD and THC.

The most popular of these minor cannabinoids are CBG and CBN. Both these cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant and can be legally extracted from hemp using modern science.

The Benefits Of CBG Over CBD

The use of CBD oil has become widespread as it is a versatile all-natural supplement that has many proven health benefits. Unlike THC, which is the substance that makes one ‘high’, CBD does not share any of THCs’ psychoactive traits. 

CBD oil has proven to be especially effective at helping patients manage anxiety, inflammation, depression, and bodily pain. It is also often recommended as a treatment method for patients with epilepsy as CBD has neuroprotective properties. 

CBD oil is also recommended to cancer patients as it helps them to cope better with the side-effects and symptoms from treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Finally, CBD has also shown to be an effective treatment method for acne and other skin related diseases.

Similar artificially produced medications that offer similar results to that of CBD have many side-effects associated with them and thus many prefer this all-natural alternative. So where does CBG come in? And how is it different?

CBG and CBN cannabinoids are not too unlike CBD. Even though these minor cannabinoids are something of a recent discovery the first wave of results has already shown many positive health benefits.

Preliminary studies conducted show that cannabigerol or CBG is effective at combating nausea, pain, and inflammation. It has also shown to improve immunity and slow the proliferation of cancer cells. 

Furthermore, research suggests that CBG is more effective at combating anxiety and is completely legal and safe to consume. Even though it is still too early for a final verdict the early signs are certainly promising.

Is CBG Right For You?

There are no proven side-effects to applying or consuming CBG. However, those who are currently on prescription medications should always consult with a healthcare provider before incorporating CBG into their daily routine.

How Is CBG Applied?

CBG oil is applied in the same way as CBD oil. Simply apply a little oil under your tongue and let it absorb in your tongue and gums for at least 90 seconds before swallowing. You are likely to get the best results this way.

Where Can You Buy CBG Oil?

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