The Many Fun Drunk Personalities and Which Ones Need A Hangover Pill

Humanity has been drinking alcohol since someone accidentally took a sip of the nectar of life then decided never to let go of that cup ever again. Drinking gives you that warm fuzzy feeling you may not be getting enough from the current status in life. And, it usually never fails to start a good conversation, granted that good, in this instance, is loosely defined.

After opening up the keg, one asks when does the fun start. Well, the answer is as soon as sanity and consciousness lies dangerously close to the borders of the deranged and comatosed or a magical world we all know and love – being drunk. It is not always fun for the one in the awkward state but it sure is fun for everyone else. So how do we handle the ones who made themselves tribute to be the lives of the party. We handle them with care, of course. They will be gorging on hangover pills in the morning so the best we can do is letting them have a good time while they are in their frenzied state.

As we live and breath, we all have our own free will and this extends the kind of person you turn into when you are drunk. We call them drunk personalities and they can vary quite widely from when the person is sober. But that is what makes it fun and like how a rainbow in all its colourful glory, it takes all kinds to make a world.

The One With The Hangover Pills – The Happy Drunk

One asks why this drunk is happy? Is it because he knows he will not have a hangover? We may never know. But one thing is for sure, this guy is having a blast and we are happy to ride this ship with him. The happy drunk is an entertainment system come to life. He will dance to the beat of his own clapping and stomping. He will sing with wanton disregard for the tune, the lyrics, or the well being of everyone’s eardrums. You have never seen true happiness until you witness a happy drunk laugh at the most ordinary thing there is.

It is always best to try to get your happy drunk friend a breather before he starts embarrassing himself. For instance, you could let him stand up on the table and dance but try to keep him from taking his trousers off. The happy drunk will probably be swimming in happy hormones at the moment but nothing makes a fun memory sad than doing something irreparably self damaging.

The One Whose Hangover Pills Ought to be Kept in a Dry Lock – The Sloppy Drunk

When someone becomes terribly drunk he lets go of a few basic important aspects of his life and this includes hygiene. It is bad enough that you can easily soil yourself with all the heavy liquid that you funnel down your throat. But what should come out at the other end sometimes does shoots right back up where it came from. A human being is a collection of orifices and the gooey stuff that comes out of it. Luckily, modern technology was able to cloth the human and made it bearable to walk around with. But all this modernization takes a severe turn when it gets drunk.

The sloppy drunk is the one I, personally, dislike the most and I would presume that a lot of people would agree with me. If you are that kind of person or, simply, if you do not want to become that kind of drunk, then here are a few tips. The first tip is quite obvious which is to not get drunk at all. I know that you would be missing so much especially since drinking has been synonymous with socializing for a little while now. But, should you drink, then drink moderately so you will not get drunk. Leave the heavy drinking to when you are home alone away from other people and preferably with most of your furniture covered in plastic.

The One Who Might Just Reach for Something Other Than the Hangover Pills – The Sad Drunk

Just as the happy drunk is a beacon of light from all our worries of having a bland night, the sad drunk is the darkness that devours the energy of the room. You know what I am talking about. This is the one sulking in the corner because your rendition of a happy folk song reminded him about how much his ex girlfriend loved stupid music. Casting aside your sad drunk friend’s mishaps in life, sad drunks will generally get sad about anything. I have a friend who literally cried while he was drunk because he feels the people who turn barley into beer are not recognized enough. We told him that the factory makes them and I think the people there get paid handsomely. That just made him cry harder because the kids in Africa, or somewhere, do not get paid for the socks they made. Well, I do not know, but, basically, they would just find a reason to cry about anything. They say that crying is cathartic, well I say that he is just being ridiculous.

If you are a sad drunk, I do not really think there is anything that we can do to fix that. You should probably choose your company though. Since drinking is essentially built upon two main triggers, the happy trigger and then there is the sad trigger. The happy trigger is the celebration drinking and the one that you should probably avoid. While the other is the sad trigger which is essentially, guy that got dumped asking you for a beer out. In the latter, your sympathetic crying would probably help your friend out a lot. So, pick your drinking buddies and try not to bring the party level down to a zero. Use your tears for good.