Top 5 Bodybuilding Gyms Where Great Bodybuilders Trained

Where you train for bodybuilding can contribute to your success or lack thereof. After all, you’re going to need a reliable trainer and the right equipment to bulk up and achieve the form that you want.

Take it from Dorian Yates who trained in a gym that he knew had the equipment to give him the results he aimed to achieve.

So check out these bodybuilding gyms that not only cater to aspiring bodybuilders but have trained some of the best athletes and past Mr Olympians champions.

Temple Gym

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Temple Gym is owned by 6-time Mr Olympia winner Dorian Yates. It opened in 1987 while he was still establishing himself as one of the best bodybuilders in Britain. The gym now has four franchises–one in California, another one in Vegas, and two more in England.

The gym started out small but is popular among aspiring bodybuilders and pros for the hardcore equipment and old-school vibe. According to Yates, he wanted to focus on providing people with what they really want from the gym, serious training, image, and atmosphere.

When you come and visit, you’ll see just a few changing rooms and showers, a minimal amount of cardio, and plenty of hardcore building equipment, such as dumbbells up to 220 lbs and flex equipment.

When the gym relocated in a much larger facility, changes were also made and, in 2019, Temple Gym underwent several improvements. Lighting and changing rooms were upgraded and a posing room was added. Over 30 pieces of new equipment were also added.

In addition to Yates training at the gym, Ernie Taylor adds another star presence. He made the top 10 of Mr Olympia.

Yates had his best work out at Temple Gym and credits his success in bodybuilding in it. You can too.

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Gold’s Gym

Location: Venice, California

This gym in Venice Beach is considered the most iconic in the history of bodybuilding because this is where some of the greatest bodybuilders have trained.

These include 7-time Mr Olympia champion, celebrity, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2-time Mr Olympia champion Franco Columbo, retired professional bodybuilder Tom Platz who garnered numerous awards in pro contests, and American actor, author and bodybuilder David Draper.

Gold’s Gym was originally started by Joe Gold in 1965 but has now become an American chain of international gyms with branches in other parts of the world.

It was already considered the Mecca of bodybuilding long before the existence of the modern-day health club. Back then, the gym featured homemade equipment, but it still became a landmark in the bodybuilding culture.

Currently, Gold’s Gym is available in more than 700 locations. It launched the GOLD’S AMP in 2017, a fitness app that is designed to provide people with a digital personal trainer whenever and wherever they want to train.

Every year, the gym holds a 12-week body transformation contests for its members. The Gold’s Gym Challenge is open to all members. Whoever wins has an opportunity to be featured in some popular publications such as PopSugar and Women’s Health similar to past winners of the contest.

Bev Francis’s Powerhouse Gym

Location: Syosset, NY

If the Gold’s Gym is dubbed as the Mecca of bodybuilding, the powerhouse gym is considered the East Coast Mecca, home to some of the big names in the bodybuilding community.

  • 7-time Mr Olympia winner Phil Heath
  • 4-time Mr Olympia winner Jay Cutler
  • IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino
  • IFBB Pro, Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique winner, and 2014 Mr Olympia and 2015 Mr Olympia first runner Sadik Hadzovic

The gym was founded by brothers William and Norman Dabish in 1975. It started out as a neighbourhood facility where people can exercise. Soon after, professional athletes, such as Tom Platz and Tommy “Hitman” Heams trained in the facility.

In 1984, the gym began a licensing division that fuelled their growth and expansion into other marketing tools, clothing line, and the media–Powerhouse magazine and Powerhouse T.V.

Currently, the Powerhouse Gym has over 300 licensees in 15 countries and 39 states in the US.

Metroflex Gym

Location: Arlington, Taxes

Unlike other gyms on this list, Metroflex Gym’s target market is professional bodybuilders and caters specifically to them. For this reason, it offers training programs that will prepare them for contests. These include nutrition, guidance, and posing routines.

Members will be trained by Brian Dobson, experienced trainer and all-natural, competitive bodybuilder who has 4 decades of solid history in bodybuilding competitions. He offers a range of training programmes, including mixed martial arts, powerlifting, strongman, and, of course, competitive bodybuilding.

With Dobson on the helm, it’s no surprise that some of the greatest bodybuilders have trained here.

One of them is the 8-time Mr Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman, who also held the record for the most IFBB professional wins at 26 titles before Dexter Jackson ousted him.

Other greats are IFBB professional bodybuilders Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson, who is also a powerlifter. Jackson is considered as the strongest bodybuilder in the world because of his strength.

Iron Religion Gym

Location: Orlando, Florida

With a name like Iron Religion, you can easily imagine what you’re likely to encounter in this gym. Catering to both pro athletes and lifters who are just starting out, they have certified trainers available to help. Some of them are IFBB pro bodybuilders whose speciality is in getting members competition-ready.

One of them is Gustavo Badell, also known as the Freakin’ ‘Rican, who has an extensive list of contest history since 1991. To train under him would ensure you’ll reach your goals in bodybuilding.

The Iron Religion Gym sports an old-school atmosphere but has cutting-edge equipment that is sure to help bodybuilders succeed.

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Which gym are you going to enrol in? 

When it comes to bodybuilding, it’s important to train in a facility designed for bodybuilders so you’ll get the proper and professional advice and assistance you need. Reach your full potential with the right training programme offered by a certified trainer or a bodybuilding professional.