What Kind of Procedures Do Emergency Dentists Help with?

Emergency dentists offer primary treatments to dental illnesses needing immediate attention and intensive care. Down below are stated some of the major disease that emergency dentists take up through these mentioned procedures;

Extraction or Access cavity opening:

This is the most common type of dentistry procedure in College park emergencies. This is the treatment for Periapical Abscess.

In this dental issue, we find a collection of pus at the root of the tooth. It is due to an infection that spreads to the surrounding tissues. In this process, getting straight-lined access to the infected area is the major task.

Enucleation and Marsupialization:

This procedure is used mainly to treat dentigerous cysts, also known as follicular cysts. This type of cyst is formed by the collection of fluid between the crown of the unerupted tooth and reduced enamel epithelium.

Enucleation is the total removal of the cyst while the latter is a conservative surgical intervention that treats the cyst to dissolve gradually.

Extraction of Impacted third molar:

This is a cure for Acute Pericoronitis. It is a kind of inflammation that occurs in a tissue surrounding the third molar, commonly known as wisdom tooth.

The process is one quite difficult; after making a horizontal incision the bone which covers the tooth is removed until the complete showing of the crown, and then the extraction is carried out.

Removal of Leucoplakia patches:

This method is how Leucoplakia is cured. In the case of Leucoplakia, several white patches form inside the mouth. It is known to be constituting cancer cells. The process is either carried out by using a scalpel to do away with the patches.

Another method for removal is done with the help of a cold probe that freezes the cells, and ultimately the cells die. Follow-ups are mandatory for Leucoplakia.

Surgical Excision of the tumor:

This helps in the treatment of Ameloblastoma. This is the rarest kind of disease, basically a tumor. It starts at the jaws, near the wisdom teeth.

It consists of the cells forming the enamel to protect the teeth. In this procedure, parts of the jaw bone get exterminated depending on the size of the tumor.

Drainage of Pus and Antibiotics Therapy:

With the help of this treatment, some emergency dental issues like Buccal Space Infection, Submandibular space infection, Canine space infection can be treated. It is a bacterial infection.

An incision is created after sedating the abscess area, and then the pus is allowed to drain out. And as a follow-up, doses of antibiotics are involved.

Surgical Excision of lesion:

It is used for treating oral squamous cell carcinoma. This is a very common type of oral cancer. It mostly occurs on the tongue and floor of the mouth. In this particular type of surgery, the lesion gets excised down to the periosteum.

The process is carried out with the help of a laser. And many times for safety, a surrounding tissue or two might be removed as well.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy: 

These are recurring therapies for any type of oral cancer. They are very well provided in the emergency section. Chemotherapy is mainly performed to reduce the recurrence of oral cancer. While radiotherapy usage is mainly to shrink the size of cancer for easier surgery procedures.


These are the eight major types of treatments and surgeries that emergency dentists offer. There can be more to the list depending on the different types of illnesses patients arrive with. But it has been noticed that these eight are the most frequent ones.