Yoga for Students: How Daily Exercises Can Help You Stay Concentrated and Reduce Stress

Stress, anxiety, and a lack of concentration are among the main problems of modern citizens. Students experience them no less than working adults – sometimes, even more so. 

But there is a good and healthy way to stay calm and focused amid the everyday turmoil: yoga for students.

Are Student Years the Best?

Despite the popular opinion that student years are the best and easiest, young students are not at all as careless and free of stress as one may think. 

Many are pulling all-nighters with assignments. They look for external assistance to accomplish tasks before the deadline.

Exams, part-time jobs, or searching for it while still studying, worries about the future, new relationships – all this puts a lot of pressure.

Keep Calm and Stay Positive

But there is a great – and healthy! – way to prevent these problems and not go all the way down to medication. 

It is yoga, a well-known and popular practice that can help a student stay strong mentally as well as physically. Yoga for university students is the best option to keep the bad effects of stress away. 

The research done at the University of Utah suggests that yoga practice can modulate the stress response. Yoga practitioners had the highest pain tolerance and lowest pain-related brain activity compared to other participants. 

Perform Better

Besides reducing stress and helping to feel more positive, yoga exercises can help college and university students perform better in their academic life. 

Doing yoga exercises daily provides better blood circulation. This results in better brain activity, stronger memory, and longer attention span. Concentration and stress reduction depend on each other. 

When the person is worried, irritated, depressed, confused, or just angry, it becomes difficult to stay concentrated and focused. Students feel it almost all of the time. Exams, tests, grades, dealing with different people, deadlines, sleep deprivation – the list goes on. 

Yoga can reduce stress from both directions, physical and spiritual. 

You certainly need to do yoga if you want to: 

  • have a better long-term memory;
  • forget about procrastination and concentrate on subjects better;
  • reduce the level of anxiety and stress;
  •  become more confident.

As a result, yoga practitioners can study better and then really do their best during the exams. Are you still in doubt? 

Did you know that there is evidence that yoga can even help children with ADHD (hyperactive kids) concentrate much better? 

That means it will surely help those who only have slight attention and concentration problems or are just stressed and too tired. 

Breathing techniques, another part of yoga practices, are quite useful for maintaining and increasing the concentration level.

Such a thing as meditation will assist with getting away from troubles and concerns. It helps students switch to something positive and become calm and relaxed. 

Anyone who tried meditation claims that it brings the feeling of “deep relaxation.” 

And Practice Yoga Daily!

Physical exercises have the ability to help people relax their muscles. It is a well-known fact that after some physical activity, many feel happy. This is due to the endorphins produced while exercising.

Yoga exercises, which consist of various asanas (poses), relieve the tension, and normalize the functioning of the human organism. 

As a result, the feeling of relaxation and lightness comes to a person’s body and mind. For students who spend most of their time sitting at their working places and studying, that would be a great choice.

Although even a single 20-minute yoga exercise can give an immediate effect, it is important to practice regularly and systematically. This way, you will achieve the greatest results. 

You can exercise yoga at college or at the university in groups with other students. You can also find yoga classes in most fitness clubs and, during the summer months, even in some of the city parks. 

And, of course, you can practice on your own in the comfort of your home. There are many resources to find yoga exercises for college and university students.

This will help you reduce stress and increase productivity. Watching yoga blogs can also help to make your exercise at home more effective. You can find a lot of such videos on Youtube and Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Yoga has become extremely popular among students, so that some colleges and universities open their own yoga classes at gyms. 

It is essential to say that the word yoga means unity of a body and mind. That is why all yoga masters tend to say that yoga is not just exercising. It is the practice that helps to find harmony between your body and soul.

This is just another evidence why students should try yoga as a way to reduce stress and stay concentrated in the fast rhythm of lives they lead.