6 Crucial Dietary Supplements for Better Skin (That Actually Work)

Even if you’re living a healthy life – eating right, exercising regularly – it’s possible that you’re struggling with skin impurities, maybe even acne.

You’re far from alone in this: Across the US, up to 50 million people are affected annually. If you’re in your late teens or early twenties, as much as 85% of your peers are fighting the same battle.

And while lifestyle changes such as exercise and a low-sugar, vegetable-rich diet can lead to major improvements in skin health, they are often not enough. This is where dietary supplements come in.

There are hundreds of supplements out there that claim to boost your skin health. Most of them are both incredibly expensive and next to useless. Some are straight-out scams.

Here are five skincare supplements that actually work. Taken consistently, they will help your skin shine with a natural radiance.

How do these supplements work?

Skin impurities are caused by inflammatory processes, bacteria, and clogged pores. For example, inflammatory processes can be triggered by air pollution, free radicals, or even just stress. Bacteria – especially Cutibacterium acnes – also benefit from these processes. And clogged pores are often caused by the overproduction of sebum.

The supplements below work because they tackle these problems at the source. They support the immune system in fighting inflammatory processes. They provide antioxidants to protect your skin. At their deepest level, they also help skin cells function properly. Cell repair and regeneration. Nutrient absorption. These are all functions that the supplements below kick into gear.

1 – Vitamins: A, C, D, and E

A health supplement staple, vitamins actually keep their promises. They play a major rule in boosting your skin health.

Vitamins C and E are top-notch antioxidants. That means they can help defend your skin against free radicals that can damage it and lead to acne.

Vitamin A plays a key role in cell regeneration, meaning it can accelerate skin healing. Plus: It regulates water storage in cells, and contributes to skin hydration. This can reduce wrinkles as well as a wan, drawn-out skin tone.

Finally, Vitamin D is normally synthesized through sun exposure. The downside? Most people these days don’t get to spend enough time in the sun to generate enough Vitamin D by themselves. With Vitamin D supplements, you can improve the transport of other nutrients into skin cells, and contribute to a healthy immune system.

2 – Minerals: Silicon and Zinc

Unlike Vitamin D, minerals like silicon and zinc are essential nutrients. This means our bodies can’t produce them themselves – they need to be absorbed from food. Most everyday foods, though, are very low in minerals essential for skin health. Supplements can provide the needed dosages.

Silicon is vital for the strength of the body’s connective tissues. Being a core ingredient of keratin, the main building block of hair, nails, and skin, it can strengthen your skin barrier.

Zinc is essential for keeping your skin cells healthy. This mineral contributes to repair processes in skin cells as well as to their regeneration. Plus: It’s crucial for collagen production, which contributes to keeping your skin flexible.

3 – Omega 3 Fatty Acids

On supplement ingredient lists, the famous omega 3 fatty acids often show up under their scientific names: Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

But why should you keep an eye out for them?

Omega 3 fatty acids can work wonders for keeping skin moisturized. They also contribute to UV protection, and to fighting the inflammatory processes that are a major cause of acne.

4 – CBD

Besides a number of other fitness benefits, CBD tackles the reasons for impure skin at their source. Taken orally, it’s an anti-inflammatory – which is a major asset in the fight against acne.

In addition, CBD supplements have been shown to reduce stress. Since stress is one of the root causes of skin impurities, it can help you glow up on a deeper level.

Finally, CBD oil also contains vitamins A, C, E and B-complexes, which are invaluable for skin health in their own right.

5 – Probiotics

Recently, science has discovered how incredibly important your gut is for your overall health – or rather, how the bacteria living in it can influence countless health aspects. Whether it’s food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, or conditions like insulin resistance, gut bacteria can have an impact.

Gut health also affects skin health.

Probiotics help restore the natural make-up of gut bacteria. This healthy balance helps reduce stress and fight the inflammatory processes that cause acne.

6 – Microneedling:

So, apart from vitamins and supplements listed above, this is also an important procedure to adapt if you want to try it in any other way. Microneedling aka skin needling process is one of the effective ways to treat acne scars and old stretch marks, recommended by the beauty experts and dermatologists. This procedure involves massaging your face up and down gently using a dermaroller. The several micro needles in the roller help increasing the production of collagen protein in skin which makes it more youthful looking, firm and smoother as well. So, whether you want to improve your skin appearance, treat acne scars, stretch marks or even hair loss, DermRollers is the number one skin needling tool!

First Steps: Setting Your Expectations

When you start using dietary supplements for your skin, make sure to set your expectations right.

Supplements don’t work overnight. Usually, you’ll have to take them regularly for a few weeks, or even a month, before you see the results. That’s because your body will take some time to actually absorb the nutrients and use them properly.

With some consistency and patience, though, you’ll be able to reap the benefits – and have your skin glow healthily.