5 Unknown Habits that Make You Anxious

While nobody wants to begin their day with an anxious and depressed mood there are few things and habits that make you anxious. People engage in these activities unknowingly. Without even realizing that these habits are amping up your stress level and contributing to the negative thoughts. Little habits that make you anxious are overpacking your schedule, not getting enough sleep and too much coffee. But there is good news once you identify these bad habits you can change them and replace them with good habits. Swapping out bad habits with good habits works wonders for mild anxiety. And it can be a good treatment for intense anxiety. But sometimes it needs extra work to get rid of these habits. If you find difficulty in identifying the root cause of the anxiety then talk to professional for help. Here are the few habits about which experts say you need to keep an eye on them.

1. Caffeine Consumption:

Many people need to take a dose of caffeine in order to go to the office, but it causes anxiety. Caffeine is seemingly known as harmless but when it encounters with the anxiety it enhances the severity of the symptoms. According to recent research, the effects of caffeine are the same as the symptoms of anxiety like an increased heartbeat, restlessness, and sweating. But these side effects can be cured by taking simple steps and by using decaffeinated coffee. Avoid taking energy drinks because they also contain caffeine and it affects your mental health.

2. Time Management:

Do you have enough time to get ready on time? Are you running late every time? These uncomfortable feelings and worries can cause a physical sensation of anxiety in your body and the heartbeat increase and sweat glands are activated. The individual might feel dizziness, short of breath and nauseated. People can avoid this situation by becoming more realistic and by preparing themselves early and on time. They can set alarm on their cell phone and prepares the items which are required before the time.

3. Time Checking at Night:

Waking up in the night and checking time is not a good habit because it makes the individual anxious. According to the recent research if your anxiety caused by insomnia or sleep problems, having access to the clock is not good. Because individuals having these issue when checked the time every time they wake up during night caused anxiety in them. People with anxiety need to consult with the professional for medical assistance.

4. Walking Fast:

Hey, if sometimes you want to go somewhere and you walk quickly it is ok. But if you walk quickly 24/7 it would create anxiety in the individual. As an individual moves faster the heartbeat increases and it triggers fight and flight response. And the body recognizes these symptoms as stress. So when you try to catch yourself walking speedy try to slow down. Take a breath and note difference. You feel more relaxed and calm.

5. Eating Before Going:

We need to sit and take time to eat. We should give time to our self for the meal because eating quickly create digestion problems for the body. When we eat without proper chewing it causes problems. Indigestion also creates feelings of anxiety. Rushing through the meal triggered anxiety in the individuals. So every time when you try to eat you needs to take time and chew your meal properly.

To enjoy a healthy life, people need to take care of their mental health. Every individual needs to change their lifestyle. If mental issues are the reason behind decreased happiness in your life, consult with top professionals. Marham – Find a Doctor is a health care platform which provides online consultation to the people.

Author bio

Akraam Ullah has done masters in psychology. He worked with Federal ombudsman as a researcher and data analyst. Currently, he is working with Marham-find a doctor as a content writer. He writes on health issues with special focus on its psychological side.