15-Minute, Full-Body Holiday Workout You Can Do At Home

Looking for a quick and effective workout to keep you on track during the holidays? Well, look no further. Do this quick 15-minute circuit without leaving your home.

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Equipment needed:

  • Mat
  • Set of light dumbbells (between 8 lbs to 15 lbs.)
  • Optional: Medicine ball

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds before immediately moving on to the next exercise. Try not to take any breaks; this is how you’ll keep your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

At the end of the circuit, take a 60 to 90 second rest. Repeat 2 more times.

1. Sumo Squat And Press

Hold a medicine ball in both hands while in a wide squat or sumo squat stance. Alternatively, use a pair of your dumbbells, holding one in each hand and set them next to your shoulders with palms facing forward. As you squat down, press the medicine ball or dumbbells up into the air, straightening out your arms. Lower the back down to start position and repeat.

Tip for beginners: If the press becomes too much for you, drop your dumbbells or medicine ball and complete your sumo squats until the end.

2. Side Planks With Hip Dips

Lay on your right side on your mat. Prop yourself up on your right forearm, still on your side. Engage your core so your body is straight and aligned. Drop your right hip down to touch the mat then press it back up. Repeat this movement and switch sides at 30 seconds.

3. Spiderman Push-Ups

Start in pushup position and complete a push-up. Walk your left hand and left foot forward slightly. Complete a push-up. Now walk your right hand and right foot forward and complete another pushup. Continue alternating. Make sure you have enough space as you continue to crawl forward!

4. Squat With Tricep Extensions

Grab one of your heavier dumbbells and stand in a standard squat position. Hold the dumbbell vertically with both hands straight up in the air so one of the dumbbell’s ends is held with both thumbs and pointer fingers. You will be lowering it behind your head by bending your elbows, then straightening it up again above your head. After completing this rep with your arms straight up in the air, perform a squat.

Tip for beginners: Squat onto a bench or chair behind you. Focus on part 1 then part 2. Complete the reps with proper form and technique, rather than getting out as many reps as you can within the minute.

5. Weighted Jumping Jacks

Grab your lightest set of dumbbells. Perform jumping jacks with a dumbbell in each hand. Complete for the whole minute.

Tip for beginners: If the weight begins to slow you down, place the dumbbells on the ground, and still finish your round of jumping jacks!