15-Minute TRX Workout For Killer Arms

TRX workouts are a type of Suspension Training that uses your own bodyweight to create resistance. All that you need is a TRX Suspension Trainer and your body does the rest. You can get a full TRX kit for home workouts or find a gym that utilizes it. Since killer arms is the topic for this article, the following describes a variety of TRX arm workouts that can be mixed and matched to create a 15-minute, total-arm workout. If you’ve been searching for an awesome arm-toning workout, then this right here is for you.

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The Workout:

For a 15-minute TRX arm workout, we’ll do a series of three moves, doing max reps for five minutes each. This means you watch the clock rather than count reps as you would in a typical workout routine. The beauty of a TRX workout is its efficiency – you target multiple muscle groups with single moves. Amazing, right? Let’s start.

Move #1: TRX Bicep Curls

This move works multiple muscle groups: biceps, shoulders, core and back. Holding on to the strap handles, plant your feet and as you lean back, the trainer will support you and your arms will straighten. From this position, engage your core and curl your hands up to your forehead. Your arms at the top of the curl should form a 90-degree angle. Do max reps within the 5-minute set. Beginners should alternate sets of 10 reps with a brief rest of 15 to 30 seconds. As you advance, reduce your rest times.

Move #2: TRX Triceps Extension

The triceps extension works the backside of your upper arms, an area that is often challenging to isolate. Grabbing the trainer handles, plant your feet and lean forward until your body is at a 45-degree angle. To start, your arms should be bent and your core engaged to keep your body in a straight line. Now straighten your arms, palms facing down. Hold briefly, then in a controlled movement, lower back down to the starting position. That burning sensation you feel in the upper arm? Yeah, that’s your triceps and if they’re screaming, you’re doing it right. Do max reps for 5 minutes. Don’t be afraid to rest every 10 reps, just don’t stall. This workout is for Killer Arms, right?

Move #3: Single-Arm Squat Press

The single arm squat press is a full body move, but its main benefit is to the arms. The reason it’s called “single arm” is because you only hold onto the training strap with one hand; in the other hand is a dumbbell at a weight you are comfortable lifting overhead multiple times. Grab the TRX trainer in one hand and lower into a squat. You should be leaning back slightly with your knees at a 90-degree angle. As you pull yourself up using the trainer strap, do a press with the hand holding the weight. After 10 reps, switch sides. Repeat for 5 minutes.

Switching Things Up

There are plenty more arm-specific workouts using the TRX training system! Incorporate any of these in three 5-minute sets and create a custom 15 minute TRX workout for arms! Here are a few good ones:

Table Top Rows

With the trainer straps shortened all the way, center your body directly under the anchor point. Bend your knees and keep your hips up. You are basically leaning back creating a table top, with your abs, chest and quads all facing upward with your arms straight. To row, pull yourself up until your elbows are even with your sides. Arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle. Do max reps for 5 minutes.

Fly Push-Ups

With feet planted, grab the handles and lean forward until your body is at 45 degrees. Keep your abs engaged to hold your body in a straight line. Bend one arm while moving the other out to the side. Now bring both arms to the center, straightened. Now bend the arm on your other side, opposite arm straight, and back to center again. Max reps for 5 minutes. This move is a full upper body workout, TRX style!


Start by holding the trainer handles and leaning back to 45 degrees. As you pull your body back to standing, open your arms into a V-shape. At the top of this move, squeeze your shoulders and back for maximum effect. Max reps for 5 minutes. Woo, check out those killer arms!

TRX Suspension Training is a highly effective and super-efficient workout routine developed by the Navy Seals, which we all know are some of the most intensely fit soldiers on the planet. Leave it to them to design a workout method that is both physically challenging and time saving. Once you see the results gained with TRX training, it’s likely to become your workout of choice.