6 Yoga Poses That Really Tone Your Butt

We all know that yoga is great for relaxation, strength and contemplation, but it can also be great for your glutes. If you’re looking for some butt-toning yoga poses, we’ve got you covered.

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These six yoga moves will have your booty feeling the burn.

1. Goddess

The Goddess pose in yoga is similar to a sumo squat. Stand tall to start. Open your legs into a wide stance, with your toes pointed out slightly and your knees tracking your toes. Lower into a deep squat. Maybe sure to keep your butt back, and do not extend your knees past your toes. Hold for 10 deep breaths. Sounds easy enough, but it really works the glutes!

2. Revolve Lunge

Start standing with feet hip distance apart and bring one leg forward into a lunge. As you do this, twist your entire core to the side (if you started with your right leg lunging, twist to the right). Keep both arms raised at shoulder height, one stretched in front of your body and the other stretched behind it. Hold for five counts. Twist back to the center and straighten your leg. Do three sets of 10 reps on each side.

3. Warrior One

This is a simple, classic yoga pose that can bring big results to your backside. Start from a downward dog position. Bring your right foot through your hands as if to get into a long lunge. Shift your back heel so it’s perpendicular to your front heel. Press your weight into the ground and raise your arms over your head. Hold for five deep breaths. Repeat on the other leg.

4. Chair Pose

So here it is: one of our simultaneously least-favourite, favourite yoga poses. It’s such a difficult one to hold, but it really works the butt and leg muscles. Stand with your feet together. Bend your knees and sit back into an imaginary chair. Raise your arms above your head and hold yourself in this position for 5 to 8 breaths. Repeat three times.

5. Forward Fold

Reaching down and touching your toes elongated the buttocks muscles. Stand with your feet close together, not touching. Keep your legs straight and bend toward your toes from your hips. Grasp your big and second toes with your index and middle fingers. Lift your torso and straighten your elbows as you inhale. Lift your sitting bones as you exhale. Inhale and lift your torso. Exhale and bend your elbows. If your hamstrings will let you, bring your forehead into your shins. If not, just focus on keeping your torso long. Hold the pose for a minute.

6. Bridge Pose

Here’s another hate-it-but-it-hurts-so-good-I-love-it pose. Start lying on your back. Bend your knees. Lift your pelvis up off the ground. Raise your hips up as you lift your tailbone as high as you can. Bring your arms under your body, interlacing your fingers together on the floor. Hold for five deep breaths.