6 Bodyweight Moves For Stronger Quads (No Equipment Needed)

You want strong, lean quads? Isolate those enviable thigh muscles by using advanced plyometrics of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in sets.

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These six explosive bodyweight moves will seriously work your quads, and the best part is you don’t need even need to set foot in a gym.

1. Forward Lunges

A deep forward lunge is a great way to ease into your quad routine before you step into the fancier footwork.

  • Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart
  • Bring the right leg forward into a lunge
  • Keep the front and back knee at a 90 degree angle
  • Make sure your knees do not extend past your toes.
  • Allow the left knee to tap the floor one time
  • Keep the chest tall and back straight while performing the lunge
  • Then return to the standing position and lunge with the left
  • Finish 10 on each side, then return to the standing position
  • This time, repeat each set tapping the back knee twice

This exercise should isolate the quads to warm them up for the rest of the routine.

2. Jump Squats

Are your legs warmed up yet? It’s time to really get the blood flowing with a set of jump squats. Get ready to feel the burn.
  • Stand tall with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart
  • Bend down to your squat position and keep your knees over your toes
  • With explosive force, jump as high as you can (while maintaing control)
  • Land back in the squat position and repeat for two sets of 10
  • Take a quick 20 second break, then up the intensity (if you dare!)
  • Stand tall then reassume the squat position with just one leg
  • Hold the other leg in front of you as you hop then squat
  • When you have performed five with the right, switch for five on the left

Now that your body is kicked into full gear, take advantage of the muscle isolation with slow steady motions.

3. Single-Leg Squats


After jumping around, this should be easy… in theory.

  • Start tall with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Assume the squat position on one leg
  • Hold the opposite leg extended in front
  • Squat slow and controlled for a set of 10
  • Switch to the opposite leg and finish 10 more
  • Hop back to the other side and perform five more
  • Hold the last one at the bottom for 10 seconds
  • Switch to the other leg and perform five squats
  • Hold again at the bottom for 10 seconds and release

Your legs should be very toasty by now (if not slightly on fire!).

4. Static Squats

Let’s get both legs engaged again, by holding a squat at the bottom with a pulse for intense muscle burn.

  • With your feet about shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight and bend your knees down into squat position
  • Do not allow your knees to extend past your toes
  • Hold the position as low as possible for 30 seconds
  • Count 30 seconds, then release
  • Perform the squat one more time
  • Count another 30 seconds
  • Pulse the last 10 seconds with a slight bend in the knees

Your legs may start to feel like Jell-O at this point — but don’t fret! There’s only two more quad exercises left.

5. Mountain Climbers

Continue on to more advanced plyometric with a quick pace by taking to the ground. This exercise is great for your core as well.

  • Take to the floor in a push-up position
  • Keep the chest tall and head in line with spine
  • Alternate bringing your left and right knees forward towards your chest, switching legs in quick, rapid movements
  • Set a quicker pace for high intensity muscle burn
  • Count a set of 20 on each leg, then rest

Just when you thought the workout was almost over, finish it off with a butt-busting quad exercise. It’s time to jump the bench with a sprint.

6. Step-Ups Or Bench Sprint

Finish hard with a sprint on the bench!

  • Start with a bench or ledge with a height to your liking
  • Alternate legs by using your right to pull your left up
  • Then use your left leg to pull your right up
  • Finish off with leg sprints 10 times by alternating legs

And there you have it! An intense bodyweight workout to fire up those quads. Add these moves to your leg-day routine and you’ll be seeing results in no time.